Tuesday, 10 February 2009

NEWSFLASH!! I knew it!

Hi everyone, sorry for the sense of urgency in my title, it's just that Rotty has shown me something that i think you should all see.

"Rotty? You there?

"Yeah man, i is here bro innit..keepin it real....yo big Calv me maaaan!!!!"

"Ok Rotty, i know you have been to see your pals in the sewer, but theres no need to come back all "gangster like".
"Ah sorry boss, you know how it is...anyway whats up?
"First of all...hows your injuries Rotty?"

"Well as you can see I'm all patched up, hand is a bit mangled still and my left ear is a bit swollen still, but otherwise i'm fine.....anyway...."
"That hand does look bad doesn't it Rotty (not at all like your bosses Fimo skills rival a three year old).....a sling, bandage and an eye patch too? certainly was a nasty accident, i guess you'll be keeping clear of the heat gun from now on?
"Yeah well....if you will leave those things hanging about.....anyway......"

"I was just telling the bloggers about the news you've heard....i thought it may be important enough to pass on?"

"Ah yes indeed boss, not only have you been saying it for a while anyway, but i now have information about a certain "someone" from a reliable news source!"

"Really Rotty? Please tell us more...."

"Well boss, it's like you know I've been hanging out in the hood for the past couple of days, getting over the accident with the heat gun and dynamite and all that business"....

"By hood, i gather you mean the sewer Rotty?

"Yeah boss.....ah you speak street lingo too? Cool....anyway...whilst i was there hanging with me pals, word on the street was that the most trusted newspaper in the underworld of the sewers, "Rat Weekly", has run an article about you know who". "

"Look for yourself boss"...

Well would you believe it Rotty!!! To think theres all those bloggers out there that are being duped as we speak! Seems like anyone will fall for a cute pair of ears these days eh?

"Looks that way boss, hopefully they'll understand now why i need to take the steps that i do?" "Mice are real cunning you know, us rats have known all along, but it takes a while for you humans to pick up on it."

"Fair enough Rotty, so whats up your sleeve next for Calvin Mouse?"
"Aha....hush hush and all that boss, but lets just say, if i pull this one will be "another string to my bow" so to speak!!!"
"Well you take care of yourself my little mangled mate, and i look forward to seeing what is in store for Maddy's little furr ball!" :)
*A big thanks to Paula for the info on the paper, i have a feeling it will be Rotty's favourite read. :) *


Paula said... funny!!!!!! My sides are aching sooooooo much now.

Mice rule ok!!.

Calvin for King!

Rotty Rat said...

Calvin for king my backside!!!

Burger King maybe! Yeah...i'll have a double runt burger with cheese!!!

♥ Lydia ♥ said...


Trine Blix said...

Hi Calv!

Thank you for leaving very nice and inspirational comments in my blog! *hugging*

The butterflies you saw on the jar are actually german scraps - I bought the om Etsy some time ago. Here they are - in case you are really tempted...

Also: Thank you for doing this blog - it often brings a lot of laughter and funny smiles to my face - I love both your humour and perspective on life!

I have't been that good at leaving comments lately, but know that I follow you...always ;)

Trine Blix said...

By the way - the other type of butterflies I've used come from the same seller - they are cut out from some cupcake wrappers she sells ;)

Calv said...

Thanks for the info Trine :)

As for the blog, it keeps me tickled too, i can often be found here chuckling away to myself lol.

Don't worry about not commenting for a while, i am just the worst at it! I go to your blog a lot, like many others here, but then i see something else and get dragged off somewhere else!

Oh well, nice to see you again anyway Trine, thank you for stopping by. :)

My craft space said...

Calvin, you crack me up so funny

love Val xxx

Hazel said...

Crazy as ever - lol! but we love you Calv (and Rotty, of course!) x

artycrafty said...

Ohhh I love Rotty! He's just my type of guy. Come over here hunny and give me a hug!

Jane Wetzel said...


Kanga said...

I look forward to your blog posts and check back almost every day ... just in case! Thank you for all the fun giggles you give me - always makes the day much lighter! Don't know how you find the time - do you ever sleep?!

SP said...

Rotty - take it easy, bro!

When your wounds have healed I will give you a massage (I am qualified), some nice relaxing oils to send you into a sleep

SP said...

....a long, deeeeeeeeep sleeeeeeeeep ;-)

Hippy at Heart said...

Calvyou and Rotty are hilarious. My sides ache from reading this.

Happy Crafter said...

You too are so funny, have me in stitches and rofl, but on the other hand i have a very soft spot for Calvin the cutie mouse and dont wanna see him get hurt so you be careful what you do to him or you'll be in BIG trouble from his fans :)
And yea Calvin for KING :)
Val xxx

Terrie B x said...

Your blog is `fab` Calv..TFS:)lol..................