Saturday, 14 February 2009

A cunning plan!

Hi all.....well as you know we left my little stash minder busy building something last time....

All i heard last night was banging and sawing, and a few colourfull words coming from my craft room as Rotty worked on his project all night.

"How's it going Rotty?"

"Mighty fine boss, mighty fine!....been working on a fail-proof plan to get rid of that mouse once and for all!"

"Really Rotty? I must say i'm impressed with your confidence in light of your past "mishaps".

"So what have you dreamed up this time my little sewer assassin?

"DADAAAAAAAAAAA!!!......feast your eyes on this little beauty boss!"

"Wow Rotty, what on earth is that contraption?

"It's simple boss....what you are looking at is a one of a kind, double action mouse elimination device!" I call it the "Snap, Thwackle and Pop!"

"Well i have to admit Rotty, i wondered what you were going to come up with next, but this takes the biscuit!" "Well done fella!"

"Thank you pay attention....if i can run you through it......first off, we have the standard issue mousetrap".......

"On it's own, not a bad method of mouse trapping i admit, but couple it with my home made bow, and what you get is a double trouble mashing machine with a one way ticket to Calvin Mouses left ear!!!"

"Nice one Rotty, tell me more.......oh and nice glasses by the way!"

"Cheers i guess you must be wondering why the name "Snap, Thwackle and Pop?"

"Well yes i was wondering Rotty, as well as wondering where your whiskers had gone?"

Ah, got burnt off in the accident last week......anyway.....first Calvin Mouse sees the fake cheese on the trap......he steps on it and SNAP!!!!!......the trap then flips him over and loads him into the bow......THWACKLE!!!!!!.....thats the sound of the most powerfull bow you'll see this side of the sewer......i borrowed some of your hemp cord for the string if thats ok?"

"Thats fine Rotty.....and the Pop?"

"POP!!! the sound of Calvin Mouse's ears as he gets fired out of the window and back to Maddy's craft room in Leeds! I've perfected the calculations to ensure the trajectory is spot on."

"My my Rotty, what a technical business this mouse elimination can be eh?"

"Certainly is boss.....hang on, i reckon that bow could do with tightening a little bit".

"Umm Rotty, i don't like to interfere or anything, but you do realise that trap is set don't you?

"Do not fear my worrysome boss, a little known fact is that the sewer rat has the stealthyness of a....well a stealthy thing.....we can tread so lightly, you'd think a shadow was on it!!!"

"Now then....just a little more this way....



"Oh nice one Rotty!!!! Are you ok?"

"Uggghhhh.....aggghhhhhhh....get me out....GET ME OUT!!!!!

"What are you like Rotty.....i think your calculations were slightly off mate!"

"Very funny boss, have you ever thought of doing the comedy circuit?!" Just get me out of here will ya?".

"Sorry Rotty...i guess it's back to the drawing board then eh?"

"Oh yes boss, just as soon as i get the feeling back in my legs....that mouse is FOR IT!!!!!"


Paula's ponderings said...

OMG!! Are the copics ok? He didn't damage any did he? That would be a tragedy!!!!

Nikki said...

If the copics need a new home !!!! lol..

I always thought rats were clever.. well mine used to be... maybe its the sewer variety that aren'

Jessica said...

Poor Rotty! I do hope he's alright! Thanks for giving us a laugh. And who'd a thunk that ink and a veg could make such a pretty piece of! I live in the US and had never heard of Copics! (I know, such a sheltered life). Thanks for the intro to their wonderful colors!

Calvin mouse .. said...

Errrrrrr Hi Calvin ...
i would just urmm like to say that i love watching rotty rat urmmm get blown up and urm catapulted .... so ive left you an award on maddys blog for errr making me laugh ( giggle ) keep up the good work errr calvin and errrr rotty heheee !

calvin mouse
mouse superstar and papercrafter x

Hippy at Heart said...

Sorry Calv, hope poor Rotty is OK. I think Calvin Mouse just might be safe for a while longer.

Paula's ponderings said...

Forgot to say, thank you for the nice comment you left on my blog Calvin, Im sure your watercolouring is just fine!

Wasn't it sweet of Calvin Mouse to give Rotty an award...I guess it makes up for the lack of Valentines cards!!

joanne wardle said...

so when are the rotty rat blinkies available then??

Julie said...

Calvin those copics are a danger to poor Rotty... I think it will be safer to find a new home for them and as I'm such a generous warm hearted person I will take them off your hands ;)

Calv said...

Thank you for popping in everyone :)

Yes my copics are fine thanks Paula, there was concern for a light blue one when i couldn't find it, concern which grew when i saw the look on Rotty's face....could have landed funny if you know what i mean. Luckily i found it behind some ink pads though..phew!

Hi Nikki, my copics will be fine here thank you very much lol, i know you mean well :)

I think Rotty is misunderstood, he is hyper intelligent, i think he's just settling in.

Hi Jessica, thanks for the comments about my "art", keeps me out of mischief i for the copics, if you go to my girlfriends blog (Maddy's) she does a lot of colouring with them, they produce a lovely finished effect on images.

Hi Hippy :) i'm sure Rotty is ok, i saw him earlier at his drawing board scheming away for his next project. Top Secret apparently so i wasn't allowed behind the wall of distress inks he had built.

Hi Julie, there seems to be an awful lot of generous kind hearted people who are offering a home for my copics lol, what a kind bunch crafters are eh? :)

Hi Joanne, i hadn't even thought about blinkies to be honest, i think thats the sort of thing a big girls blouse would have on thier blog if you ask me.....oh yeah....bit like Calvin mouse!!!

AND CALVIN MOUSE!!! What have i told you about being on here!?

Will you ever learn? From what i saw earlier, Rotty has something major planned for you soon, so i'd keep to Maddy's blog and get your affairs in order if i were you!

Some mice!

Paula's ponderings said...

There's an award for you on my blog Calvin which you will have to share with Rotty!

SP said...

Hope your life insurances are up to date - you need danger money, Calvin!

Thank you for the laughs!