Thursday, 12 February 2009

Veg i inked today!!!

Jumping veg roots people!!! Is it that time of the week again already?!!!

Yes it's Thursday night which means it's time for another episode of "VEG I INKED TODAY!"

Oh yes my loyal veggies, it's the one night of the week when you become a veggie viewer, audience to the edible...and leave concerned, knowing that you'll never get that five minutes of your life back!!! :)

So onto the veg. This week i went for this particular subject not only because of it's lovely texture which i thought would be great for inking, but also because it was a lovely specimen. It was huge!

Ladies and gentlemen, veteran fruit fans and novice veg enthusiasts.....may i present to you.....


I thought this would be an excellent vegetable to ink because the skin is so shiny and smooth, i thought it would be another success like the onion.

However whilst it wasn't too bad, the ink dried pretty quick and therefore it dulls too soon. There are still some lovely colours in there, i just wish they were all as vibrant. You can see some of them are turning a "matt" finish instead of a nice gloss.

Sorry everyone....a bit of noise in the background, can't hear myself speak!

"Rotty....keep it down a bit will ya?"

"Sorry boss, just making something".

"Easy there Rotty, that thing is sharp!"

"No probs boss, you just worry about ya veggies...i'm a professional ya know!"

"Hmmm...professional what though! What are you making anyway?"

"Ah, just this and that.....i have a cunning plan which incorporates a certain little someone!"

"Please go careful Rotty, you wrecked my craft table last time, i was cleaning up ash and whiskers for ages after the last cunning plan!" "What are you doing with that branch anyway?"

"Hush hush and all that....don't you worry boss.....all will become clear soon *wink wink*!"

Sorry about that everyone....where was i.....

I love the way the blue mixed with the gold mixatives on this bit, here's a close-up....

Veginkability rating? Hmmm.....tough one. I reckon i could do better with the colours, but then again i have to go with my first attempt so i'm going to give the pepper a modest 5!!!

Not a bad score, remember that not all veggies will turn out well, indeed if my fruit escapades are anything to go by, they can be an absolute embarrassment at times!

To think this started off yellow anyway...... :)

Thank you for coming back for more veggie adventures everyone, it's always nice to see my regular followers here, and lovely to see new veggie voyeurs too!

Until next week......keep smiling! :) In the meantime, I'll leave Rotty to his cunning plan!


Paula's ponderings said...

I just love how you transform a humble veg into something so exotic. I do like to see your veg inkings on a Thursday..a great reminder that tomorrow is Friday! I do like the way all the colours have gone on the pepper gorgeopus combination.

So...whats the little ratfink up to hmmm? The plot thickens...

Calv said...

Cheers Paula :)

Not sure what Rotty is up to, i just hope he keeps my craft room in one piece!

Jane Wetzel said...

ROTTY BAAAABBBBYYYY....WHAT ARE U UP TO DUDE!!??? sorry...the pepper is awesome , but the ratfink steals the show....

Nikki said...

So need to see some Asparagus now...

Mmmm wonder what Ratty is up to.. hope he's being careful with those sharp objects..

Nora said...

I actually kinda LIKE the matte finish on it. Makes it almost look like jasper or some other stone. It's really pretty, even tho I would have preferred that lovely yellow bell on a salad with some feta cheese! *LOL*
Awesome Calv - thanx for sharing!

Jennie said...

love the pepper, and what is Rotty doing with a saw?????

SudsnJewels said...

Thank you for stopping by my soap blog. I laugh everytime I read one of yours. I know I am not a scrapbooker or craft person per se but this is GREAT ! Oh, and men should get flowers almost as often as women :)

Gez said...

WOW! your pepper is incredible! & so is your blog..... I've been ooohing & arrhing at so much loveliness. :o)
So glad to see Rotty's latest plan backed fired!!!

I just love your little painted crackle heart box you made a while ago. It's fabbydoo. I've ordered some paints to have a try & will link back here if it works. :o)

Keep up the good work....will be keeping an eye on Rotty! as we love Calvin in our house....sorry!