Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Oh dear....

Hi everyone, just popping in to see how my little friend is doing....i haven't seen much of him since we got back from Maddy's last week. Maybe he's planning another cunning attack on Calvin Mouse?
"Hi Rotty.....hows things?"
"Ok i guess boss".
"Wow Rotty you look really fed up, whats the matter little matey?"
"Not much, just having one of those weeks".
"Hmmm, that's not like you Rotty, you must have enjoyed your trip up to Maddy's....i hardly ever saw you whilst we were there?"
"Yeah well Maddy is a bit strict if you ask me....especially when it comes to her craft room.....very territorial that woman I'm telling ya!"
"Really Rotty? Did something happen that i should know about?"
"Nah it's ok boss, some things are best kept under your hat if you know what i mean. Lets just say i taught that Calvin Mouse a lesson and Maddy wasn't too happy about it".
"So is there anything else you haven't told me Rotty?"
. boss, i just.....don't really want to talk about it actually."
" must have sorted out Calvin and Maddy good and proper this time eh? That'll teach them!"
"I'll leave you to it Rotty, I'm sure you'll tell us all the juicy details in time." :)


Paula's ponderings said...

so not fair leaving us in suspense like that!!!

Calv said...

Lol Paula, Maddy's going to post about the weeks events i think.

Poor little guy, Maddy read this post last night nd even she felt sorry for Rotty by the end of it! :)

Calvin and Rotty are like our adopted kids!

jannypie said...

that guy is AWESOME

Sinikka said...


Julie Allain said...

Calv your adopted kid has been very naughty lol!!!!!!!!

Paula said...

Well all I can say is that it serves him right...not so much dont mess with the mouse...but don't mess with Maddy!!

Sarah C said...

I went and read Maddy's blog before commenting here so I'd know what Rotty got up to! So he should hang his head in shame. How cruel to emboss poor Calvin Mouse :( xoxo

Julie said...

Poor Rotty, he looks so sad! Maybe he is not so bad after all ???

Anonymous said...

Oh, dear :))