Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Want a giggle?

Well look no further than my...what can loosely be described as an "effort" for this weeks challenge on "Objet D'Art". Jennie gave us an arty challenge involving a i tried doing something arty with it!

Before anyone my kids didn't do this for me! I wish they had as they'd have done a better job!!! OMG doing something "arty" has got to be the hardest thing i have ever done since getting into crafting! I have new admiration for people like Jennie, and the many others who can make such wonderfull pieces of artwork. This just looks like i fell into my crafty stash whilst plucking a ginger chicken!!!

Firstly, it appears that the bits that took the longest to do, have not come out well on photo. Typical! First i sanded down a frame i found in a charity shop. Then i painted it white. Next i stamped it with some of Jennie's new swirls, they looked really cool like tiger stripes.

With those all around the frame, i thought i'd colour it a deep orangey red, so out came the spiced marmalade and fired brick Distress inks. The frame is really orangey, but it looks light in the pic.

Next i stamped, alcohol inked and UTEE'd some chipboard letters to spell out "ART", just so people know what this is supoosed to be lol! :)

I love using alcohol inks with UTEE, the heatgun blows the inks into all kinds of crazy patterns, you never know what you're going to end up with.

Now the trickiest part of the project, i used multi-coloured metallic thread to wrap all around the frame, but i also suspended each individual letter in the air with the thread too. This was really hard to do and very time consuming, but worth it in the end.

A few orange feathers, some fibres, blooms held on by upholstery tacks.....and a gold tassle on the side and there you have it! The biggest mess since Messy McMessy messed up his massive mess.....and made a huge mess!!!

Thanks you Jennie for introducing me to the world of art.....your stamps were great on the wood. :)


Sarah C said...

I think this is really good and way better than I would have done. Love the idea of srapping the letters to have them hanging

Chris said...

Well I'm not giggling for once Calv... I think your frame is amazing!! I struggle with arty stuff but you have done a great job...Yes Sir :D
Chris x

Anonymous said...

I love this :) am not giggling, it's really very good.

Well done :D

Karen L said...

Messy? No way! I love the way your frame turned out and especially like the suspended letters! Great colors and textures...those feathers are just the perfect addition. I'd call this an ARTFUL SUCCESS!

Calv said...

Thank you everyone, your comments are very reasuring...suprising lol but reassuring nethertheless. :)

Despite find this a very difficult project to do, having had the night to recover and think about it, i do think it was fun trying a few different mediums and textures. I think Jennie's challenges will be very good for expanding my arty side with a view to improving my paper craft projects.

crafty creations said...

It's amazing - I love it - your arty side has definately come out in this one - particularly like the suspended letters and the colours are well co - ordinated and gorgeous - well done!!!!

alcoholinky said...

i think it has real charm to it. it's very imaginative and different, as is all your work Calv. you always manage to come up with something outside the box!

Jennie said...

I just love this piece, and am well chuffed you decided to join in the challenge, thank you
Jennie x

Anonymous said...

Brilliant frame Calvin. Love the way you suspended the letters! Must try AI and UTEE, it looks fab!
Alison x

Kimmie said...

I love this! It's very imaginative and whimsical .... definitely "out of the box!"