Thursday, 6 November 2008

Fruit i inked today!!!

Good evening fruit fans! Sit ye down and listen a while, for the next riveting installment of "Fruit i inked today!".

Yes Thursday is once again upon us, well by the time i post this it will probably have just crept into the early hours of Friday.......sorry about that! This week has not been a good one for me, i've not been well, my crafty mojo has packed it's bags and wandered off with a travelling craft fair, and to top it off i had a valuable item of crafty stash stolen too! Not good!

My fruity adventure this week started with me getting real excited in the supermarket when i found a real bizzare looking item amongst the fruit stands. Then when i get it home, i looked it up on the net as i didn't recognise it, and it turned out to be a vegetable! A rogue agent in amongst the fruit!!!

So today i was forced to try and ink a very common fruit, but with a difference.....i just wanted to ink a slice. Therefore, today fruity fans of the world, i give you.......a bit of orange!!!

This unfortunately, whilst being enjoyable to ink, didn't produce a good photo. The colours are brighter than this in real. However it was fun to watch the ink bleed along all the veins of the orange slice, a bit like you see the snowflake crystals making thier different shapes.

I didn't want to ink the outside today, i fancied a change, but the ink danced around in the juices of the orange nicely so i'm glad i went with the inside.

Fruitinkability rating? Not too thrilled with this one, i'd be quite happy to give it a 3, but as i'm probably being mean to the orange because i have man-flu, i'm going to give it the benefit of the doubt and award the orange a 4! I think the acidity of the juice reacts somewhat with the ink too.

I have had a couple of people asking if i really ink these fruits, so just for those inquisitive bloggers, heres the orange being prepared.....

You may notice in the background there a smaller sliced fruit, that was a lime that went even more wrong than the orange!!!

I forgot my gloves coz none of you reminded thats another week of inky hands! I still have a hint of pink in my thumbnail from the other day!

Thanks for tuning in everyone, it is very much appreciated that you stick by me through the rubbish fruit too! I just wish i had as much support when my stash gets stolen! :(

Nite all.....sweet dreams.....may they all be fruity ones! ;)


Sarah C said...

Awwww Calvin, your orange is lovely. Fancy picking up a vegetable though! It's just not your week.

You have my support through the stamp saga, but I'm afraid I still lean towards Maddy in this. Checking details before clicking yes on an order is the uttermost main thing to do.

Bless you though and I hope you have a better week xxx

Paula's ponderings said...

I must say that orange looks pretty amazing Calvin..can I just ask long do they keep? Do you have a special way of preserving them?

Jennie said...

love the slice..still got pink on my fingers from last weekend, and I just opened a bottle!
I seem to have been accused of siding with you re the stolen stamp....mmmmm think I should sit on the fence in case I get inked!

Calv said...

Thanks Sarah, and i think that you have great potential as far as my stamp support is concerned.....just a little nudge and i'm sure you could lean just that little bit more my way! You know it makes sense!!!

Hi Paula, thanks for the kind comment. :) As for preserving, up to now they have all gone in the freezer as i haven't had the heart to bin such attractions. Unfortunately i feel this is the week where i am going to have to get rid of them all as i have no room for food in there! A shame but they go off if you don't freeze them.

Jennie my dear you obviously have far more common sense than i ever gave you credit for! Siding with me was totaly the right thing to do, and people here will one day realise this. You KNOW it's better on myside of the fence! I thank you for your support...i won't let you down! :)

patty w said...

You get such vivid colors with the inkings.. beautiful.

I have to agree with must check all things before hitting that final button to send order ! I just had a boo-boo too...I got the item, not a problem but I paid it out of the wrong account! (now I gots to explain it!) LOL

Have ya tried a little sweet talkin' to get your Tilda back :)

rachelsigmak said...

Leavin some love! From a fellow fiskateer!

Lottie said...

Hope you are feeling better soon - and sorry to hear of your crafty stolen items.

And I just love your fruity inking experiments. It is so refreshing (pardon the pun) to see someone being so original

Karen L said...

Oh, I say that you should have gone with the bizarre looking vegetable anyway! A fruit? A vegetable?? It's all just fine for inking in my opinion.
I love reading your blog, it always makes me laugh! Such a nice break during my workday!

Karen L said...

By the way, have you thought of drying some of these fruit? The whole fruits won't dry before they rot, but the orange slice would! Why not experiment and see how the orange slice looks, inked and dried?

Chris said...

I could never have imagined inking fruit but the colours look so wonderful on the pieces you have done.
Don't think I'm a convert just yet but I do love looking :D

Sarah C said...

Afraid that the nudge didn't work. I'm not a fan of Tilda's, so could never be on the side they are. I never liked the Moomins either when I was younger as they scared me with having no noses or mouths.

Nope, still with Maddy on this.

Hels said...

Aw you got man flu - Calv, you are supposed to eat the oranges - not faff about with the inking of them LOL anyways, I am glad you did faff about cos I think that the best thing that could ever happen to this noxious fruit is to be zapped by the inky fingers of Calv LOL Love your descriptions of how the inks bled into the orange slice - oh and I have also thought of something that could possibly help with the hostage situation.... how about Maddy stamps a few of the designs for you, lets you have those so you can play, and she has full custody of the stamp? *soz chuck, I am still with Maddy on this one* Oh I almost forgot to say, I opened a bottle of the Kuratake inks the other day....sitting there, my nice clean craft room, newly polished nails, not a spot of ink on my paws...and I thought, aha! I remember what Calv did, so I will be careful....ahem, well, I now have "pink on my fingers" (pardon the pun) too...I forgot to shake the ink out of the tip....see, there is no telling some peeps :O)) Hope the man flu isn't getting you down Calv, I know from experience of nursing such cases (ie Grim) that it can be a trial for you chaps LOL

Just-Kim said...

I like the orange, it's got some great colors. Was it a juicy orange or one of those not-so-juicy-kinda-bummed-I-paid-good-money-for-this-dried-up-orange orange. I bet those oranges would produce a different, and more interesting result.

I hope you are feeling better.

Trine Blix said...

He-hey! Cool!

Have you tried using these oranges as stamps?
I picture they'll make wonderful flowers!

Dawn said...

Cal you are MAD!!
This is brilliant and written with such houmour too!
Lovin' your work!!

Calv said...

Thanks everyone......and thank you Hel's for the sympathy lol....i'll have you know man-flu is one of the most miserable conditions to get.....i read that in a medical journal somewhere! ;)

Hi Kim, this was most definately a juicy orange! I got through half a pack of baby wipes in the proccess!!!

Good idea about the stamping with them Trine, will have to try that. Might get a bit juicy on the paper though and it most definately won't be acid free! :)

Hi Karen :) I'm trying the drying thing at the moment, i got some really cool little dried lemons and limes the other day so i'm trying to replicate it. Will pop a couple of slices of orange in with them too!

Hi Rachel....thanks for the love left...always welcome from a Fiskateer! :)

Thanks Chris, and you may not be a convert yet, but i bet it won't be long before you're browsing the fruit isle in the supermarket, wondering how it would look inked! :)

Thanks Lottie, i feel a bit better now, man flu can be a killer though!!!

And Dawn.....glad you like it here :) Thanks for looking.