Thursday, 20 November 2008

Fruit i inked today!

Good morning fruit fans!!! :) Yes that's right, it is almost 2am on a Thursday morning and although a little bit earlier than usual, may i welcome you all to yet another episode of "Fruit i inked today!" :)
I am feeling triumphantly artified right now because today's fruit inking has been rather a success for me. After last weeks "Fairy hot air balloon", i was all engineered out and wanted to get back to basics with my fruit. It's ok making fantastic things out of fruit and bits of ribbon, but what happens if you're stuck in the middle of nowhere and you have to "just ink the fruit!?" Aha, yes i see you all nodding now...."Ah yeah....that's right Calv!"
So i sat at my workspace, inks in one hand, a selection of fruit in the other. Then one volunteer bravely took a step forward. He knew this was going to be a different kind of fruit inking, and he knew it wasn't going to be easy....but he stepped up to the plate regardless.
What resulted in the next hour, was what can only be described as a galactic stew of colour! So without further ado, good people of the four corners of our fruity earth, may i drench you in the colours of the AVACADO!!! (Don't forget you can enlarge the pics by clicking them).

Would you look at the colours on THAT little beauty!!!! I am so chuffed with the way this turned out, but it wasn't all plain sailing......oh no my friends, not at all!
I started off with another avacado, but it ended up a muddy mess, i'm even too embarrassed to show it on here. Then i got to thinking, "Whats my favourite way of making alcohol inks really stand out?" Then it hit me......UTEE!!! Yes fruit fans, i plastered the whole avacado in Ultra Thick Embossing Enamel. :) First i dried off the stone in the middle, Versamarked it then covered it in UTEE. The outside rim of the fruit was wet anyway so i figured it would stick to that i sprinkled away for all i was worth!
Let me tell you though, it takes forever to melt UTEE on fruit with a heat gun! Don't ask me why, i just ink the stuff. Some of it didn't melt as well as other parts, but overall it worked out pretty well i thought. However once it started melting, and i started to add ink to it.....well butter my rear and call me Mildred!!! It was the best colours I've ever got from playing with UTEE.....ever!
Kind of looks like a spaceship doesn't it? Definitely has some kind of alien thing going on in there. You could almost imagine a little alien head poking out of the egg in the middle there.
So then....the all important scores on the doors....the fruitinkability rating! Due to the fact that it was so much fun to ink, and it welcomed the UTEE so obligingly......and the colours turned out so well, I'm going to have to go with a mighty 9 for this one! Yes fruit fans, a whopping great juicy 9!
Just look at the stone on this most excellent subject!!!........
So there you have it for another episode of "Fruit i inked today!".
Thanks ever so much for coming along, i do so enjoy Thursdays because i know it's the only time i get loads of visitors lol. :) Just kidding ;)
Till next week....stay juicy everyone!!! :)


Paula's ponderings said...

wow, those colours!! That would look stunning as a piece of jewellery, what a shame they dont keep. Well done Calv, they should call you the Midnight Inker...well actually, they probably do!

Katzele (Bea from France) said...

I wonder what happens to those fruits a few days later ? Do you throw them or did you find a way to keep them longer ?

Jennie said...

LOL! what a wondeful way with fruit, now is the avocado a fruit or technically a vergetable? Am I being pedantic here lol! Seriously though i like the idea of uteeing the fruit, way to go Calv!

Judy's Crafty Moments said...

Thursdays are the only days my hubbie ever shows any interest in reading crafty blogs. He always asks 'what has Calv inked today?'
So you have drawn him into reading blogs the way I never have managed!
Judy x

Dawny P said...

Stunning or what!!!! It really is gorgeous. I can honestly say I never inked a fruit in my whole life Calv, but there's always a first time. Is stoned fruit the best do ya reckon (maybe cos it doesn't care - heyyyyy, wink wink!!)

Anyway, I have some UTEE (left over from one of my workshops - it was a disaster, so never again!!) so I might have a go later.

And I have to say that 'butter my rear and call me Mildred' is quite possibly the quote of the week, nay month - LOVE it. You are as nutty as me!!! Fabulous x

Calv said...

Hi Paula, the midnight theres a nickname! :)

Hi Bea, i'll see what happens with this fruit as i've UTEE'd it, they usualy go off quite quickly though, thats why i was freezing them. I think the heat gun accelerated the ripening proccess on this one though lol, smells totaly cooked!

Cheers Jennie, as for "fruit or veg?", do you know i really don't know about that one. I thought the only one which there was debate about was the tomato? I will investigate.

Hi Judy....and hubby!!! :) Always glad to hear of male viewers, ther are in the minority here but very much appreciated! Glad it brings something different to the Thurdays in your house. :)

Hi Dawny lol :) Glad you liked the avacado, and i'm glad to here there is someone else out there as "nutty" as myself. I actualy thought i was quite normal, but apparently not! :)

Thanks for stopping by everyone, i love catching up with people any time, but Thursdays are always exciting. I never quite know what response i'll get, either a "Wow thats great Calv", or the distant mutterings of, "Total weirdo!!!".

Take care...

Ellen said...

glorious colours who would have thought you can turn a drab green thing into such artwork.

are you gonna eat it now??

Calv said...

Truth be told Ellen....i can't stand the taste of avacado! :)

I thought exactly the same regarding the drab colour, in fact i've contemplated this fruit many times before however it seemd too boring to attempt. Obviously you shouldn't judge a fruit by it's colour! :)

Cheers for looking Ellen.

Anonymous said...

My dear Calv

you are a true gem - totally bonkers but a real gem :-) Keep it up and happy inking

Nicki xxxx

Heather "Hev" said...

My gosh Calv, you must have done something right - I am complimenting an avocado ;)and trust me that NEVER happens!!

The colours are amazing!!

Tereza Crump aka MyTreasuredCreations said...

oh, my goodness!! Not only are you clever, you are Brave too!! I have never seen such courage other than on my 5 year old!! LOL oh, you are sooooo much fun!!! :) oh, about husbands...I told my hubby the other day that I had found you. his comments were:"oh, yeah, they are out there. what's the name of that other guy? Tim Holtz?" LOL I think he is jealous. I keep telling him to try it out. but he says he can't draw. Anyway, my son began crafting yesterday. you should have seen him with my distressed ink pads!!! First thing he asked for today wasn't breakfast was "can we go crafting?". BTW, he is 3. :)

Calv said...

Thank you Nicki, always nice to see you here :)

Thanks Hev...glad you liked it, until i did this i positively loathed the avacado! Makes a nice change for me to do something right too lol. :)

Hi Tereza :) What a little star your son is for wanting to craft, a future Tim Holtz in the making maybe? Does your hubby craft at all Tereza? I can't draw very well either, well i'm ok but give me a face to draw and it looks like the kids have done it!

Thanks for stopping by.

June said...

Love your art and your madness and well what a fabulous avocado. Brilliant work and creativity
Hugs J x

Hels said...

OMG Calv, you made me LOL which is no mean feat at the moment :O)) I love the Avocado, what a brilliant brilliant way to get the ink to look so brill, I would never have thought of using UTEE...thanks for that tip, I shall save it for a rainy guess I will use it soon then :O)) Love the Mildred quote too...although I would have thought you were more of an Ethel LOL Can't wait for the next installment...oh and I think the Avocado is a fruit, something to do with it having a stone..whatever, it is fabbydabbydoo! Hugs x

Anonymous said...

Fantastic! Love your 'spaceship'! x

Anjas-Artefaktotum said...

WOW great artwork, I love the splendid colours.
Anja from germany

Anonymous said...

Ick on the avocado. Totally allergic to it (unlike my mild pumpkin stem episode), my throat closes up and I can't breathe if I eat it. Horrible fruit reaction!

Great colors in the inking, though! =)

Jami {sgtStamper} said...

Those colors are amazing!! I would love a bowl of these as a table top centerpiece!! Gorgeous!!
hugs, Jami