Friday, 21 November 2008

Times tables tags for the kids.

Here's a very easy project to make your kids which will help them no end, plus they look "cool" so they won't feel a numpty using them.

Laminated Distress Ink times table tags.......

My girls are having lots of times tables tests at school at the moment, so they are always grateful of something to remind them. These are so easy to make.
1. Just take 12 die-cut tags.

2. Stamp them with Stazon or Archival black ink.

3. Blend the tags with Distress Inks.

4. Write the times tables on them. (Just go carefull not to smudge the writing when you blend the inks....or write on the tag once you've inked it).

5. Laminate them.

6. Round the edges of the tags with scissors or a corner rounder, stops the kids getting scratched/cut on the sharp edges.

7. Punch and eyelet the ends.

8. Thread a book ring though the eyelets of each tag.

Hey set of indestructable times tables that your kids can refer to whenever they want. Small enough to fit in there pocket or school bag, laminated so the tags won't be affected by the grubbyness that kids attract!
The book ring means they can attatch them to things too, belt loops, school bags etc.
So whilst we are on the subject of maths, i have two girls, they need a set of these for each set of tables, thats two lots of twelve......and this one set took me about an hour......i think that equals no sleep for Daddy tonight!!! :)
Hope this helps. :)
Edited at 2:05am: If you are thinking about doing a whole set of these for your warned.....heres the result of a couple of hours on the BigShot.......
That's two complete sets of tables......244 tags!!! Now all i have to do is just stamp, blend, write on, laminate, eyelet and cut the corners off of every single one! I guess you could call it a labour of love!
Nite all. :)


maddy hill said...

oh wow calvin what a great idea ! love the tags and the colours ... they will be soooo envied at school i can see you taking orders for them !

Judy's Crafty Moments said...

What a fantastic idea! I could do these for my boys in very cool and funky boy colours of course! I agree with maddy..all the kids will be wanting them..and it will be one happy teacher!

Tereza Crump aka MyTreasuredCreations said...

aren't you a cool Dad??!!! :)

Misvish / Karin D said...

Love them!

♥ Lydia ♥ said...

Brilliant!!!!! ^.^
I'm glad that two out of my four girls are past that stage, and one is too young yet... otherwise I'd have no sleep for a week!! lol

Sarah C said...


I can't think of anything else to say ATM except


Hels said...

What a fabby idea Calv, you have set me to thinking now - you could do this for any subject! There now, you will be busy for ever more!! Sounds like your girls are very lucky to have a talented Dad ... makes learning maths so much more fun! Hugs x

Heather "Hev" said...

Everyone has said what I was going to so I wont repeat myself....

You could be responsible for a new group of math lovers :)

Jennie said...

What a very very clever idea! My kids are grown up now :), but I see possibilities for other things.

June said...

Brilliant idea and so lovely to see daddy helping out so much
Hugs J x

Louly said...

Wow! Can you do me a set please, when you've got a minute of course! PMSL. I could just picture your face then- shock horror arrrrgh.
these really are a fab idea and the inks are so vibrant, love em!

Calv said...

Thanks everyone, they are really nice to look at i must admit.

You are right about the "any subject" thing Hels, i know when i was in the miitary police i used flashcards like this for learning law definitions. Well...the cards werer'nt quite like these ones lol...but you get my drift. These would be ideal for older students as well as kids.

I want to make some with flags of the world on, the countries and the capital cities on them.

And Lou, as you are so good at crafting....could you make me a new heart please....mines on the floor after that comment lol!

alcoholinky said...

another fab idea Calv. nice girly ones too. you might find you end up having to do them for all the girls in the class ! LOL it's also a great opportunity to practice blending your inks.

Dawny P said...

awesome idea!!!!

lasona said...

Such a beautiful blog I absolutely love it!!!!!

~*~Patty Szymkowicz said...

These are just fabulous! I enjoy collecting old flash cards. I can only imagine many many years from now when someone comes across these, what absolute treasures!!!

Tonniece said...

Hi Calvin

Wow what a Fantastic idea, and so lovely, no make that Gorgeous.

A labour of love for sure.

Adrienne said...

I find you so entertaining that I read all of your posts on this page! :D It is great how you ink fruit! I do hope that next thursday you could maybe go over a more step-by-step process? :D I would love to see exactly what the heck you do to these unsuspecting fruit victims! lol

Thanks for being entertaining! :D

Yvonne said...

Sooo beautiful, and such a great idea!!

Paula's ponderings said...

they are are a good daddy! I could do with some

Karen said...

Just fab Calvin and you are certainly going to be busy!

Pop by my blog as I have a little award for you :o)


Calv said...

Thanks everyone :)

I can just image them coming back from school saying the whole class needs them!

I might think about a step by step with the fruit Adrienne, but i fear you'd be deeply dissapointed lol. It's just a case of choose one, sit down with a handfull of inks and make a huge mess! No style, no technique...they just urn out real pretty! :)

Thanks Karen, i'll pop over and take a look. :)

Thank you everone for commenting, it's real nice of you all. :)

Handmade from the Heart said...

wow i absolutely love that cos i love and swear by the distress inks to begin with.My daughter is 9 and does have difficulty in remembering her times tables and these would be soooo cool for her.Well done-can i put an order in for a set???pplleeaassee

Patti Smith said...

Awesome project Calv and I know the kids loved them...much, much nicer than the old "flash cards" my kids had....might just try my hand at these for the grands....

Kimmie said...

OK - I love your blog :)
You are now bookmarked .... thanks for sharing all your stuff - a real breath of fresh air here!

Silvia Kristine said...

Wow! This is such a great idea!
I will definitely be back here soon! Thank you for visiting my blog, I'm so glad you like it!
Have a great day, Calvin!


Cindy Lietz, Polymer Clay Tutor said...

Fantastic idea Calv! I think they would also make a fantastic teacher's gift!

ger76 said...

What a wonderful idea Cav!!!

York is really stunning so you and the lovely Maddy should get there soon, I only spent three days there and it wasn't long enough so I'm really looking forward to Christmas:) a real beautiful place and what makes it even better is there are a few craft shops and a great bead shop!!!

Hanne said...

These tags are so great. A good thing for the children to have at school and home!