Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Look who's arrived at my house!

Well what do you know! In my grief stricken condition after having my one and only Sugar Nellie "Honey and Pip" stamp SNATCHED from under my nose!.......i felt the only option was to temporarily replace her with some others. These little beauties arrived this morning under armed thieving so and so's are going to pinch these!

Want to know something funny? I just emailed the stamp thief, Maddy "Fingers" Hill this piccy, and as soon as she saw them she tried putting on that cute girly voice that all women do when they want something.......and said, "Oooh i really like the one on the end...i want her!!!"

Ha! I want good looks but it ain't gonna happen!!!

So now it seems that Maddy, after putting me through turmoil on the public stage, wants me to lend her my new ladies! That is laughable in itself! Do you honestly think I'd see them again?

I've told her that i "may" be willing to send her the stamp, or some images, if i get the other one back.....unharmed.......however she went off umming and arring like an ......."ummy-arry thing.

So the ball is in Maddy's court now! :)


maddy hill said...

Two can play at that game Mr ! No more crafty advice from me ! hehe !
and ive just seen your labels you have put at the end of your post !!!!! OMG !

oh and you know how your card is like going bobberly when you colour ? well not only do i know the answer to that - but also know how to solve it ..... and im NOT telling YOU ! hehee maddy has the last laaauurgh !

Chris said...

ROFL... OMG you two are just sooooooo funny. I HAVE to visit both of your blogs all the time just in case I miss summat ;-0 ha ha
Calv you make my day really do!!
Love your new stamps..can't wait to see what you do with them :D
Chris x

Rachel said...

And I've been accused of aiding & abetting!!! I know the answer to that too Maddy but I'm not telling either!

Will look forward to seeing what you do with your new beauties .........

Cazzy said...

Will you lock them away Calv? Do you two go on like this face to face too?

Lovely stamps, I want that one on the end.....where do you live again?

maddy hill said...

and another thing Mr ---- i wont be sharing my christmas reflection elves - the ones from pollycraft ? ... you know those ones you said ... and i quote ..."""" OOOOOOOOh those are REALLY nice !"

yes i know they are nice Calvin (smug look) and they belong to me too , as does the sugar nellie ... besides which - im sure one of my 80 - thats eighty followers being the lovely people that they are wouldnt mind swapping an image or two of a nellie - for some christmas elves.....

(another snug look) x

maddy hill said...

just wanted to make absolutely clear thats 80 as in 20 less than 100 , 80 as in tens and no units . Eighty as in ......... more thatn you heeeeeeeeee ROFL

maddy hill said...

oh and just to let you know that now you have the number EIGHTY in your head as in 80 lol thats the age you will be when you get your stamp back ! .ROFL

see you will get it back ......eventually x

maddy hill said...

pmsl ---- i meant smug look - not snug - although me and my sugar nellies are very comfy thank you x

Calv said...

Look at that! I go away to make somethimg arty for a few hours, and whilst the cats away.....Maddy waffles on to herself on my blog!!!

May i say that many of your 80 followers are secretly on my side, they told me privately in emails you know. :)

I just told them to humour you, thankfully they are seeing sense and doing so.

You can have all the elves you want, i am on personal terms with the fairies....and they only have to wear the right pair of stockings and those elves will be at my place dribbling like a shot!

Oh and btw, it may look like you are getting loads of followers...but it's actualy everyone joining so that eventually they fill your blog......won't be able to see your disgracefull behaviour towards a novice crafter like myself!

I can't believe you'd withold techniques from the very man who is expected to bring you a cuppa in the morning!

I've taught you all know and this is how you repay me! Remember Maddy.....elephants never forget!
Not sure how that fits in with this anything....but remember it anyway!!!

maddy hill said...

hows the body for life going calvin ? ----- rofl

Calv said...

Actually!....It's been better. :)

I never thought though, in amongst all these comments about stamps, i'd find heartless slurs regarding my body shape. Surely thats a sign to your followers of how low you will stoop? Cutting remark there from Maddy Hill...i can feel myself welling up as i write this...sniff sniff. :)

The evidence is mounting can't hide behind your magic castles for ever!!! :)

maddy hill said...

go get yourself a tissue , and stop ya snivaling - i send ya stamp back, you are obviously tramatised from being apart from - what i can only describe now as "the other woman in your life !"

but only if i can borrow the other stamps .heheee you didnt think you would get it easy did you ?