Friday, 14 November 2008

Fruit i inked today!!! Almost....

Hi everyone......huge apologies for the lateness of my posting this weeks episode of "Fruit i inked today!", it's been as eventful as ever, so pull up a pew....or take a seat if you prefer....grab that cuppa and let me tell you ALL about it! :)

This week my fruity adventures have been plentiful and sorrowful all in one! Plenty of fruit to ink, but a sorry state they all turned out to be.....well almost. I had planned to ink a kiwi fruit, that little hairy gem of a fruit, however once ink hit kiwi, it just went downhill from there on. I may put a piccy up later, but i have a reputation to uphold you know. ;)
Then i went to ink a fig!!! I'd heard figs were an aphrodisiac, so i thought it may get some of my fruity fans in the mood for lurrrve! :) I'm sure it was an aphrodisiac, either that or a laxative.....not too sure now? Anyway the flamin thing was mouldy when i went to ink in the bin that went!

So i had to make a decision, and not one that i took lightly. I decided to ink the fruit that i bought the other day "thinking" it was a fruit, because it was in the fruit isle.....but it turned out to be a vegetable!! Yes my friends, this week i have inked a "guest veg" on "Fruit i inked today". Now it was a bit shy at first, so I'll introduce you to it in the "before state".....fruity fans of blogland.....please say hi to the HARLEQUIN SQUASH!!!

Now this little beauty was just begging to be inked, but it needed something more. Now with that shape, there was really only one thing i could do wasn't there? Yep that's right people, i did what any other normal person would do on a Thursday night.....


How cool is that?!!! Oh yes my good friends, this veg was just built for this project, so build it i did! It was a bit tricky to ink, the long curves made the ink run away from me before i could do much with it. Photographing it was even harder! I tried holding it between my fingers under the light tent, but it was pretty heavy you know. Then when the fairy jumped in (they are quite heavy actually, very deceiving), it was very hard to hold, so i ended up whacking a hook in the top and using that.

Underneath you can see I've cut another coconut up for the basket, and of course crafty balloons do not have ropes, they have ribbons! :) I would like to thank my plant pot outside my front door for lending me it's fairy to use as a model, she was quite keen on the task actually, a change of view and all that jazz.

The maiden voyage went well, once around the craft room, the fairy threw up a couple of times but i never said i was a great pilot. I ink fruit for heavens sake......I'm not a pro balloonist!!! Yet look at her, bless....despite having ink in her hair....she looks so happy on her first balloon ride, who can argue with the satisfaction on that face? :)

Now then, fruityvegyinkability rating for this? I'm going to have to go for a mighty 8 for this one, partly because it was great to ink, but also for the adaptability of it. Despite being a veg, i think we can safely say it did us proud tonight. As for the balloon itself, I'm telling ya....Richard Branson would be proud of this one!

I have to leave you all with a rather sad bit of news. In the next few days, i am going to have to bin all of my frozen fruit, my babies are going to that big grocers in the sky. :( Sad i know, but i think if we all rally round, we'll get through this together. I'm not saying it will be easy, far from it, but i do like to think that when one freezer door closes, another one opens. The old fruit will make room for the new. The next generation of fruit, and very shortly....the vegetable! :)
Oh yes, before i go, here's the kiwi fruit, i sliced it up into segments and inked it randomly......turned out OK i guess but the rest was a mess....and at the end of the day it's no fairy hot air balloon!

So i thank you once again for sitting through what has to be the biggest load of waffle on the worldwide web.......some may call me barmy, but's you lot who come back every week for more lol!!! ;) Cheers for that. :)

Take care everyone, tune in next week for another episode of, "Fruit i inked today!".


maddy hill said...

im lost for words Calvin ! might have something to do with the fact my belly is aching through laughing ! .... im just sat here shaking my head pmsl !

Calv said...

Cheers Maddy, i'll take that as a compliment! :)

Just think're associated to me!!! :)

Just-Kim said...

This has got to be your best inky fruit post yet! I laughed and laughed. And in the end, you really ended up with a beautiful piece of art. Too bad it wasn't a dried gourd, you could keep it forever!
Thanks for the laughs! Keep on inking!!
Kim P.

Jennie said...

Rofl, and more, like Maddy killing myself laughing, you have a wonderful way with words. It is a wonderful way to start the day, and long live vegetables!!! xx

Yvonne said...

What a great story! Ever thought of being a writer?

Paula's ponderings said...

yes you should definately write a book Calv. Brilliant post, funny, in fact I spat coffee (you DID need to know that) all over my payroll reconciliations so have to do them all again, but i dont care! Fruit looks amazing. What a shame you can't eat them they would make fabulous centre pieces for a really fancy banquet. Im sorry they all have to go to that big fruit bowl in the sky...thinking of you.

SueF said...

Love the fairy hot air balloon Calv - I daren't let Charlotte see it or she'll be wanting to make one!!

♥ Lydia ♥ said...

What are you like??? lol
It looks fantastic... although, 'jury's out' on whether it's 'you' who's barmy or 'us' for reading it to the end!! lol
Oh and...
Are you sure that you inked that kiwi? Or is that where that poor lickle fairy was a bit 'poorly' being zoomed around!?!!! *.*

Rachel said...

Wish I could tell a tale like you Calvin! the laptop was jumping up & down from me laughing so much! Thanks for the entertainment :-)

Calv said...

Thanks everyone :)

Funnily enough Kim i've just seen a dried pineapple, a miniature real one in the flower shop in my village, maybe a subject for further investigation.

As for writing a book Yvonne, i've had one on the go for about 4 years now lol, i think i've got as far as a couple of chapters. It's a kids book with a bit of humour chucked in so adults can appreciate it too.

Apologies for the payrill paperwork paula lol, that did tickle me lol. :) Thank you for your thoughts at this difficult time.

Thats funny Sue, if you find loads of ribbons leading from your fruit, you'll know what she's up to lol.

Lydia, thats a good point....i'm not sure where her little hiccup ended up! Better watch where i'm putting stash down in the craft room. :)

Glad you liked it Jennie, long live vegetables indeed!!! :)

Calv said...

Glad it gave you a smile Rach :)

Cazzy said...

Well it isn't Maddy that should be called Maddy! Or maybe it is maddy for putting up with you spoiling all that food!

What do you do when you want to eat?

The Kiwi does look pretty though!

Have you ever thought of turning off word verification Calv, and relying on moderation instead? Makes it easier for people to comment!

Calv said...

Hi Cazzy, point taken about the word verification, it's the only way i've done it since starting the blog. If it's easier for readers, i'll try moderation for a while. Thanks. :)

Glad you approved of the kiwi, i guess that bit did look pretty ok. :)

mamaluke said...

ok....?! freaky but creative!

Nora said...

Well, I'm new to most of your adventures, but am having a ball going through old posts. So much fun, in fact, that I've left an award for you on my blog. Please stop by anytime to pick it up.
Have a wonderful weekend!

Sammi said...

Great post! hehe... I love the inked vegies!

Liverpool Lou (Anne) said...

hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha Thanks for the laugh Calv :)) The hot air balloon is fabaroony of course ;) Love the kiwi fruit too. Oh, and 'hello harlequin squash'
Anne x

Paula said...

What are you like Calv, your posts are not only informative but bloody hilarious. I think we would get on if we knew each other, I think our minds work in similar ways LOL