Thursday, 30 April 2009

Veg i inked today!

Good evening veg fans!!! :)

Welcome to another ....and rather late episode of "Veg i inked today!!!". I have to admit, tonight's veg inking was done in rather a rush, due to the fact that unlike me i have been busy completing a lovely little make.....more about that another time.

So i was left with hardly half an hour before midnight to get something inked.....or else risk letting my faithful barmy army of veggie followers down. That my friends, just wasn't an option!
Off into the depths of the fridge i delved, dodged the onions, glided over the leeks, came very close to an incident with the eggs......but eventually i found it, tonights veg to be inked......the CUCUMBER!
Sliced for the artistic touch! :)
Although not my greatest work, i must say they inked rather nicely! The ink stayed nice and vibrant long enough to be photographed, there wasn't the usual mess i make on a Thursday night, and the colours seemed to more or less stay separate, which saves a muddy mess at the end! :)
Some were deeper colours than others.....

Whilst others presented themselves with a look so bright and cheerful, you could think you were looking down at the coastline waters of some far off tropical paradise. That's what i see anyway lol.
So a very quick, but pleasant veg inking for you tonight, nothing big, nothing fancy, but sometimes as they say, the best things come in small packages.
Veginkabiliy rating for the cucumber? Hmmm....tricky one, however i think a 6 would be very fitting for this colourful little gem!
The cucumber is a very juicy vegetable indeed, tons of water content, so this let the inks flow really nicely. Also, usually a green background on a veg can be a nightmare scenario for a professional fruit inker such as myself, but this was a delight!
Thankfully, Mr Holtz's alcohol inks are such amazing colours, you just canlt help but improve anything they touch. Just you wait till i get my hands on those new brights colours!!!
Thank you everyone for tuning in once again, for what is now an early Friday morning blog post.
I hope you are all well, now that i have done my veg, i can get on and look around your blogs....i can't relax until my weekly veg is know what it's like don't you?
Thanks again and take care. :)


Nikki said...

Love the colours.. and definately adds something to a usually very dull cucumber..

Keep it up :)

Nikki x

Unknown said...

6???? a 7 surely :D

Rachelxx said...

Gorgeous vibrant colours Clav :-)

Gez Butterworth said...

Glad the eggs were safe Calv! :D

A 6 does seem a bit of a meany?

I'd been wondering what you'd come up with next!lol Great choice the colours look awesome.

Have a lovely l o n g weekend. Gez. :-)

Paulien van den Bosch said...

they look great!!!!!!!

Paula said...

Ooo sliced. Fancy!!