Thursday, 23 April 2009

Veg i inked today!!!

Good evening all! :)
Welcome to that time of the week when you join me for the evening, well at least a few precious minutes of the night when you shout from the roof tops....."CALV...WHAT VEG DID YOU INK TODAY?"
Ever since that glorious Thursday night, way back then when i inked that first banana out of sheer boredom, my fruit and veg inking has filled a tiny gap in your lives every week. Like it or not, you can't walk into a grocers now without thinking to yourselves, "To eat, or to ink....that is the question?"
Unfortunately, not all my inkings go to plan....and tonight i can safely say this is one of those!
Faithful veg viewers of blog land.....may i present this Thursdays mess that is....the BUTTER NUT SQUASH!!!
What an absolute nightmare i had with this!!! Almost gave up halfway through, but persevered regardless, then i hit one obstacle after another.
One of my lamps blew whilst taking a pic.....then i burnt my ear on another lamp (don't ask).....then i got alcohol ink on my white fabric of my light tent....not least of all the butter nut squash turned out the complete opposite of what i wanted! Picture a house similar to the old woman that lived in a shoe, complete with door and windows.....well that was my plan at first.
Hmmm yes i can see you all shaking your heads saying, "That boy is a waste of a perfectly good skin!". I know, tonight i agree.
There were a few nice colour patterns that came out of it....the top part was ok, with a sea of silver mixative swirling around the blues and wild plum....
I think my fave part is the middle, filled with lots of Stream blue, it really has that marbled effect.....almost like coloured glass.....
The ink dries out quite fast on the squash, so i had to take the pics quite quick to get the full effect of any decent colours.
Luckily i had the sense to use latex gloves this week, otherwise my hands would have resembled something very inky indeed! This veg took up a fair bit of ink, it was wobbly too so a good deal is on my worktop. Thank the Lord, or Tim Holtz for the wonder of blending solution!
Veginkability rating for this? I'm going to go with a lousy 3 today! Sorry folks, i know that sounds harsh but life's like that.
So tonight, whilst not as successful as i may have liked, i go to bed knowing that i did my best under difficult conditions.
Thank you for stopping by to see me today, i hope you are all well and crafty, and next time you go shopping for vegies......think of me and smile when you pick something from the veg counter!!! :)
Meanwhile, i am off to see how Rotty is getting on with the new things Calvin Mouse lent him for his house.....hmmm i'm sure theres something fishy about that!
Night all. :)


maddy hill said...

lol you are totally nutty ! still there are some pretty patterns in your buttersquash.
i still think your piece de resistance is your pineapple ... pretty hard to beat that one !

Gez said...

Awe, bless..your poor ear! Was it worth it??

I agree with Maddy there are some quite pretty patterns. I did actually wonder how something I bought today would look inked & thought...what's happening to my thinking!! lol.

Have a lovely weekend. Gez.

Kath said...

I am utterly fascinated by the idea of inking veggies....would love to have a go but hey I can get mega messy with 3d foam pads and D/S tape....can't wait to see your next creations
Hugs Kath xxx

sandra said...

Dear Calv.You asked about my technique on my clock.I explain it to you on my blog.I am sure that it will make beautiful decoration on you vegetables.Hugs.Sandra!

Calv said...

Thanks Maddy you too! :)

The pineapple was a bit of a special one wasn't it, i will top it one day though.

Hi Gez :) Thats funny you thinking about inked veg, just think, one day you might be as sane as me! ;)

Hi Kath, lovely to see you. :) It can get very messy indeed, i'm going to try some of the new Tim Holtz alcohol ink pens soon, maybe they'll be better for the finer details, and they have to be less messy too.

Thanks Sandra, i'm off to look at your blog now. :)

Nora said...

Oh, I don't know, Calv...I kinda LIKE the way the colors played together with the silver swirling round in between. I'm sure given its shape it was determined to fight to the end and remain as God made it. *LOL* Hope your ear is okay.

Liverpool Lou (Anne) said...

I can't believe you only gave it a 3 Calv - it's fabulous!
Anne xx

Paulien van den Bosch said...

OH my god....... (shakin head)
burnt your ear????? got ink on your light tent???? what the heck were you doing??????

I do like the marble outcome tho