Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Rotty says he only knows how!!!

Hi all, well tomorrow Rotty and i have to leave for home after a lovely stay with Maddy and Calvin Mouse. I'd better go and see if Rotty is packing.....hmmm looks like someones made himself at home watching Calvin Mouse's TV.....

"Hi Rotty, are you packing for tomorrow?.......come on time for telly!"

"Yeah yeah ok boss, i was watching a documentary on the sewer system under old stomping ground yanno".

"Really Rotty, can we get packing please?"

"Yeah ok ok, i'll just switch everything off first. You go and make a start boss and i'll be with you shortly."

"Thanks Rotty, don't be long......we have a long train journey in the morning."

"Hmmm, not a bad little set-up Calvin Mouse has got here, the latest DVD, computer, video and stereo system........hmmm i wonder......."

"Umm boss i'm all done packing.....i just wanted to say goodbye".

"Uh hang on Rotty, we are leaving in the morning? You haven't said goodbye to Maddy or Calvin Mouse yet either?"

"Ah well....umm yep....well......ahh....see it's like this.....Maddy is a bit busy, she said goodbye and said it was a pleasure to have me here....."

"Are you sure Rotty? I didn't hear her?"

"Yeah well, you know what your hearing is like.....anyway, and Calvin is REALLY busy....he said he's loved having me stay with him, but he's making more cakes so he can't be disturbed".

"Hmmm if you say so whats this about you making your way home tonight then?

"Ah well theres the funny thing boss......would you believe it......many wouldn't......but Calvin was so pleased i came up here to see him......he lent me his quad bike to go home on!"

"REALLY Rotty!?"

"Really boss, i swear on Calvin's life! Anyway I'd better be going....see you tomorrow boss".

"Ok bye Rotty, take care on those roads ok.......hmmm this all sounds a little too good to be true, better take a peek outside and see if he gets off ok....."

"What the blazes!!!!!....ROTTY!!! Excuse me young man, what have you got on the back of that bike?

"Ummm.....well Calvin Mouse said i could try some of his bits out in my new house......when you get off your backside and build me it that is!"

"Less of the cheek mister! So you're trying to tell me that Calvin has let you borrow all that!?"

"Totally boss....go and ask him.......umm just ask him tomorrow if thats ok!"

" you go then....i'll trust you."

"Hehe cheers boss....right then....foot down and away we gooooo!!!!.......uh oh!"

"Drat! Maddy's cat Big Puss! Come on cat, out of my way, i have people to see, things to "borrow".

"Hmmm he's not budging....hey Big Puss.....Calvin Mouse is eating your food.....i can see him!"

"Thats you go! Right then, under the fat cat's legs and it's home i go.....byeeeeeeeee!!!"


Ruth (ooffee) said...

Oh my goodness! Rotty - stop!
CALVIN MOUSE where are you?

Hazel (Didos) said...

Oops Caught in the act by the big pussy cat!!! What a naughty Rotty, you won't get invited back, Have a safe journey home. Hazel x

Jessica said...

LOLOLOL I love your Rotty and Miss Maddies Calvin Mouse! But I always say that. But I must say that Big Puss looks very much like my Georgie. Only she has no white on her nose. Just her 4 feet and her belly! Of course Big Puss laying on Rotty wasn't on the direction of Calvin Mouse was it? LOL

Rosie (Freycob) said...

OMG you are mad ! But I had a smile on my face when I read Rotty's dialogue!

I'll be back to read more


Pinky said...

ROFL that is too funny!!!

Lynne said...

Nice to meet you and Rotty. I see Rotty is still up to mischeif!! lol Lynne x

Lori aka Lo Lo said...

Too freaking cute!!