Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Rotty has a fan club!!!

Oh yes my friends, the day you never thought would happen has arrived.....Rotty has his own fan club!!! :)

A fantastic lady called Trine Blix (amazing crafter too by the way..check her blog out here) stunned Rotty and myself by announcing the creation of the official Rotty Rat Fan Club!!!

"Founder member" Trine has done Rotty proud with this act of support. I'm not entirely sure Rotty thought he was being well received after some of his escapades with Calvin Mouse, but now he can stand tall alongside other so-called superstar rodents, knowing in his heart that rough and tough sewer rats can indeed be loved too!

Trine has also very kindly allowed me to use this great fan club picture on mine, and anyone elses blog who wants to. Put it this way, if thousands can support a big girls blouse of a mouse just because he can make a few fimo buns.......why not treat your blog to a show of support for Rotty too! :)

Thanks Trine, you are an absolute star for doing this. Rotty is tucked up in bed at the moment, but i will get him to thank you personally soon. :)

Lastly, I'm sorry for not blogging much at the moment, still away for a few days, and will be for a few days more, but i look forward to getting back into it asap. Meanwhile i have been looking around some simply stunning crafty blogs on the net.....and lets just say i think i need to raise my standards a bit!!! :)

All in good time.....bye for now,



Gez said...

Hope you're having a fabby time Calv. Can't wait to see what new creations you come up with to inspire us all. :)
Well done to Rotty for getting his own fan club.

Trine Blix said...

Haha, I love the name on Rotty's blog! "Tails from the sewer! Ok....what tail? Rottys own, long tail? The sewer? Oh lord.....I really hope we're talking about a person/rat operating a sewing machine....not sewer as in pipes and unmentionables from the toilet....LOL!

Calv said...

Thank Gez, yep i'm having a great time with Maddy here, we have been in stitches thinking up new scenarios for our two boys.....that would be Calvin Mouse and Rotty! :)

Hi Trine :) Rotty seriously needs to get his blog in order, i did tell him but he was muttering something about Calvin Mouse having more cakes than him, so i don;t think he heard me.

Unfortunately it is "sewer" as in pipes and all that stuff lol, he's a hardened rat from the sewer, despite the wearing of the tutu on red nose day!

Thanks for stopping by :)