Thursday, 16 April 2009

Veg i inked today!!!

Good evening to you all on this fine Thursday evening. :)

I am still at Maddy's, hence the lack of blog activity, however after a two weeks of veg-inactivity i buckled under the pressure and sought out another trusty vegetable for me to brighten up.
My task was fraught with danger from the start though. My only source of veg this evening was Maddy's local corner shop, and this meant the daunting prospect of possibly forgetting Maddy's coffee amidst the excitement of choosing a vegetable!
That just wasn't an option, Maddy loves her coffee and rumour has it, last man who neglected to remember Maddy's coffee from the shopping list was never seen again! Anyway, my trip to the shop was a disappointment and i returned home with just the contents of the fridge to save me.
I opened the fridge door, peered inside, and there....right at the back.....peered a little veg, left over from the beef roast we had the day before....forgotten in the packet, lonely and tonight i decided to give it the spotlight and ink.......a sprout!!!

There is only so much you can do on a tiny sprout, so i went for the minimalistic approach on this little fella. Three colours....that's it, but the stream blue and the wild plum make the most gorgeous purple.

The sprout was another veg that kept it's colours well, and didn't dull like some of the others.

The way the veins on the sprout leaves show up, makes it look to me like a little brain lol. In fact, in my world ever crafter has a brain this colourful!

Not a masterpiece by any means i know, but i just wanted to get some veg back on the blog.....they really were missing the spotlight you know!

Veginkability rating? I'm going for a 4 for the sprout. Not that high, but it was nice to ink and the colours come out nice on it, so i can't really complain about the effort put in by such a tiny chap.

Hang on....who's that i can hear muttering away?

"Ummm......hi Rotty......and may i ask what you are doing with my bottle of alcohol ink?"

"I ask myself the same question every Thursday night when i see you making a mess with them boss!"

"Excuse me Rotty. fruit and veg inking is not something for amateurs you know, it takes great skill to produce some of the masterpieces that you see here every week!"

"Yeak ok, if you say so boss.....might give it a go myself actualy, i mean it looks pretty just unscrew the top.......give it a little squeeze.....bit here.....bit there.....another colour here......bit there.......

"DA DAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!"

"Hmmm very impressive've excelled yourself, even for you!!!"

"Cheers boss......i thought it could have done with a bit more colour here and there, but overall i was quite pleased.......what do you think?"
"I think you need a bath Rotty.......make sure you scrub your ear.....i think you got some ink on it my little inky mate!!!"
"Sure thing boss.....see......i told you Calvin Mouse is a drama queen......anyone could do this crafting lark if they wanted!!!.......big girls blouse he is!!!"

"Goodnight Rotty :)"

Goodnight everyone, thanks for stopping by! See you next week, same time...... :)


tracy said...

so funny looks like Rotty has got himself into a right old pickle again!

Anonymous said...

Oh Rotty! you are so sparkly and sweet!!!

Please hide from the magpies!!!

Now how in the heak is he going to clean up?

Toni said...

OOps Rotty I wouldnt want to be you trying to get it off afterwards ouch!!!

fab sprout Cal


Sheena said...

I love the sprout - I think it deserves more than a 4!!

I think Rotty should stick to the dancing!!!
Make sure you give yourself a good scrubbing Rotty!

Lea said...

I love the sprout and I also think it deserves more than a 4!

Poor Rotty got himself in a bit of a mess lol!


Sugar Brown said...

I might actually consider eating sprouts if they looked more like that. Can't even stand to look at them normally.

Rotty.... youv'e fot talent!!

Gez said...

Fab sprout Calv. The colours are gorgeous. Love the bluey bit.

Near covered the key board in coffee when I saw Rotty!!!! rofl!!

Have a lovely weekend with Maddy & the girls.

Tami B. said...

Fantastic looking little sprout. I love how shiny it is. Rotty needs more than a little bath! hehehe.

Paulien van den Bosch said...

Ohhhhh... I love the outcome of the sprout!!!!!!

He hee on Rotty.... quit a help huh....
He looks just so cute!!!!

Paula said...

Aww I like the pwetty ickle spwout. I think he deserves more than 4. Poor sprout!