Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Sketch Saturday Challenge card.

Hi all :)
Tonight i had a go at this weeks Sketch Saturday Challenge. They have a sketch to follow (always a big help for the card buffoon here).
I am proud to admit that this was a first for me, in that i wasn't pestering Maddy all the way through it saying that i didn't know what matched and what didn't! :)
I still don't know if it matches.....don't laugh......i honestly am useless when it comes to matching colours and papers for cards, but i like it anyway. :)
So a big thank you to the Sketch Saturday Challenge for this weeks activity, i really enjoyed doing this one. (Maddy will faint when she reads that lol!)
By the way, if you are wondering why the colouring is blotchy, i was experimenting with a mini mister and isopropyl didn't work!
Thanks for looking. :)


Julia Pollard said...

Well, I'm impressed - great job with the sketch, I struggled with this one!

H said...

Great card Calv, the colours go well together, stop freting :)

Calv said...

Thanks Julia, i've just looked through your blog and i can;t believe you struggled with this, your makes are beautiful!

Cheers H, but i have every right to fret lol. If you could see some of my colour matches....i liken them to the magic trick where David Blane throws a deck of cards at a window and the card you've picked appears stuck to the inside of it.

Well some of my cards look like i've chucked my stash and just hoped for the best lol! :)

Hazel said...

Colours look fine to me, Calv - great card x

Kath said...

What do you didn't work? It looks fab to me!( the 'blotchy' inks)Great card and it DOES match.

Sandra said...

Wow! Stunning card Calv. Just adore the sleeping fairy... where did she come from (and I don't mean... the bottom of the garden IYKWIM)
Sandra xx

Calv said...

Thanks everyone :)

Hi Sandra, i got her from a download site, you pay so much a year and you can use anything you like from the thousands of clip art images they have. Most are pretty rubbishm but theres a few goodies there. :)

Albajane said...


Albajane said...

hope you heard me ok lol

Sarah C said...

This is a lovely card Calvin. You've done well xoxo

Paula's ponderings said...

Im rubbish at sketches I have decided! YOU are not! this card is beautiful and it all co ordinates beautifully. I struggle with putting colours together do tend to stick to just a couple but some people have the knack of putting together colours that you would never think of...its called skill, and you my friend have it!!

tee said...

Love your colours and this is gorgeous Calv!

Nora said...

I really like the coloring in the background - thought it was intentional till you spilled the beans! *LOL* It's really nice. Looks like you had fun putting this one together.
Thanx for sharing!

Mariska said...

I think your papers work perfect together and I love that cute image and those beads on a string. Gorgeous! Thank you for joining us at Sketch Saturday this week!


Rachel said...

Love it Calv - love the fairy :-)