Thursday, 12 March 2009

Veg i inked today!!!

Good evening everyone! :) I hope you are all well this week?

Welcome to another episode of "Veg i inked today!", that strange time of the week when we take a break for the norm and cast our eyes over the sometimes more artful side of fruit and veg!

Now usually i pick a few veggies to ink, and decide when i get home. It's hand to have a back up just in case one goes wrong. So why of why didn't i do that this week?!!! Whilst shopping this afternoon. i made the rash and over confident decision to try just one veg. Not only just one, but one that i knew i would probably have trouble with.

It was a challenge though, so i took it on....sadly i fear i should have left it in the supermarket!

Please ladies and gents, accept my apologies.....for the TOMATO!!!

What an unsightly mess!!! I tried doing something different this week and used crackle paint. Bit of a tip for you....crackle paint does not like vegetables!!!
Bit's came off, some didn't crackle. It did give me a nice white base to ink on, which i was looking forward to as i wasn't relishing inking on a red background.
There are a few nice colours there, but nothing that jumps out at me. It was a nightmare to handle too, with paint coming off each time it was touched. Not good.

So as you can imagine, the veginkability rating for this will be poor I'm afraid. It will have to be a 2!
Sorry but that's all this little red fella deserves. I was sure that the shiny red smooth skin of this veg would be a pleasure to ink, but alas it was not to be.

As you know though, we learn by our mistakes and this week i learnt a lot.

Oh yes, whilst i remember, some people have in the past asked if it is real fruit that i ink, so here's the proof....i cut this weeks subject in half for a fact i think this piccy is nicer than the complete thing!

On a more positive note, i have been balancing out my fruit and veg inking habit, by learning to grow my own fruit and veg at home. I figured that it would be cheaper too, so I've started with the basics, onions, peas, carrots, potatoes, strawberries and a grape tree.
All is going well so far, I've learnt a lot thanks to the Internet and some wonderfully helpful friends. Hopefully i will succeed with growing it all, and become a little more self sufficient.
As well as all this, i have been trying to attract more wildlife into my garden. As well as birds and the usual visitors to my pond, i wanted to do my bit to save the bee. I haven't got the room or experience for a honeybee hive, so instead i bought a solitary bee hive.
What do you call a place of shelter for bees though? Well where might you stay when you go away?....A Bee & Bee of course!!!
Pretty cool eh? :)
At first Maddy was quite concerned that i was getting this for the garden, she knows me too well i guess! However i scoured the Internet for advice from beekeepers who were most helpful. It would appear that this will attract and provide a shelter for "solitary" bees that you get in the garden. So only one bee will shelter in each hole and maybe lay an egg.
Apparently it is really hard for bees to find shelter, and there are so many reports of them dieing off, so i hope that i will get some visitors to my Bee & Bee.
This particular hive is made in stackable sections, so it will be great for education the kids and also for cleaning when it's not in use.
So that's it from me this week, wish me luck with my fruit and veg growing...and that you don't see me running down the road with a swarm of bees around me! :)
Take care all.....till next week.


Sarah C said...

Definitely good luck with the seeds. I think the tomato looks good, but definitely better cut in half. Love the idea of the bee & bee even though I hate bees. At least I'd know where to stay away from LOL

maddy hill said...

lol Calvin what an entertaining post ! i love your bee and bee - but as your blog title indicates im sure you will have a mishap along the way in your bee keeping duties .... so il look forward to that post as it will proberly be VERY entertaining !

oh i am a wicked woman !
i adore your tomatoe and its great to see it distressed too !

Gez said...

Awe, what a rotten tomatoe not playing along. It all looked so promising at the start. I'd blow him a raspberry!!

Good luck with the veggies. Sounds like you've got a good selection to try.

Wow...that's one posh bee house. Hope you get lots of visitors not sure about long stay ones though!

Have a great weekend.

Calv said...

Thank you girls aren't that keen on bees either, but they love learning about them, thats another reason why i got it. I figured they'll get too interested in what the bees are doing, to worry about being freaked out by them.

Anyway apparently bees are very gentle and will rarely sting, it's wasps that are the stingers!

BTW, thank you for my award, i haven't forgotten....will catch up with it in a day or so. Thank you. :)

Cheers Maddy, and listen to you oh ye of little faith! My bees will be totaly loyal and not attack me....i am confident of that! :)

Thanks Gez :) Shame on tomato indeed...and thanks for the compliments on the hive, the bees will be well chuffed that they have such admired lodgings. :)

Ellen said...

great you're doing your bit for the bees. did you plant some bee luring shrubs as well?
the tomato looks great specially the halves with the red showing

that b&b looks great

Paula's ponderings said...

You should put little fairy doors on the bee hive and maybe a few embellishments, you'll attract a better class of bee. IF you get Calvin mouse superstar to do the grand opening, you know you'll have them coming in their swarms.

As for the tomato I think it wears its distress very well.

Reading your posts gives me a real "buzz"

Jennie said...

Mmm bees and tomatoes! the crackled tomato looks good. I like Maddy will worry about you and bees...Let's hope there is not a *sting in the tale* post!
Hugs xx

Tami B. said...

I love the bee house. I'd never thought of this, but it's a great idea. Here, bat houses are popular. We get lots of mosquitos that the bats eat in droves. Can't wait to hear more about your vegetable garden adventures. So sorry about your poor little distressed crackled tomato.

Paulien van den Bosch said...

I loved to read this post!!!!!
The tomato, does look better in half.... how on earth did you come to this idea???? (hm.. I probably have to read back)

Good luck with the seeds to grow.

A bee house???