Tuesday, 31 March 2009

My new papers...ideal for older kids!

Hi all, :)

Every now and again i feel i should give a shout out to my local craft shop here in the heart of The New Forest. Emerald Crafts in Lyndhurst high Street is run by Oliver who is super helpful when it comes to finding what you need when it comes to paper crafts.
So many people come down to the south of England on holiday, and it's lovely to find a little gem of a shop like this when you are missing your crafty shopping. What i like about Oliver's shop, is that he knows what he is on about when it comes to crafts. I mean he knows about the products he sells which is a bonus. Yes Oliver even i was surprised when a lady came in the shop the other day asking about how to make a certain card design....and you rattled off the design including a diagram straight off the top of your head! :)
Recently the shop has expanded into another room and there is loads more stash to see and buy now.
Whilst there i came across this 6x6 paper stack. It's the "Pulse Collection" from Prima Marketing Inc.
Each pack has 48 papers, 4 sets of 12 different designs of paper.
When i opened this pack up, it just shouted two things at me...."Teenagers with attitude".....and also my ever growing daughters who often display the "teenagers with attitude" thing!
Click on the images for a better look, these papers have graffiti, colour, and just that urban street feel that separates them from some of the more "kiddy" papers that are out there.
I just love the bottom left one below......
So that's a top recommendation for anyone wondering what to use for when scrapping for the older kids
Another purchase was a long time in coming. Every time i go in Oliver's shop, i look at these brads, always say to myself that i should get them as i want something "that little bit special" for my projects.....but never get them.
These are absolutely gorgeous! They will compliment any nice bit of work i get round to making. I also ran out of white card the other day (my girls eventually got through a whole box of the stuff), and i was going to ask Oliver today if he could get any in, when what do you know.....he's started selling exactly what i need!
Can't ask more than that in a craft shop can you?
So once again, a big thank you to Oliver. Pop in there if you are ever down this way, you won't be disappointed.


Ruth (ooffee) said...

Thanks for pointing out those papers - they are brill! It's great to find a good shop like that, isn't it? Three cheers for Oliver!

Gez said...

I just love this Prima paper too! It's great. In fact my Circle Journal which is doing the rounds is covered with this paper. My book is house shaped & the papers were perfect for the job. :) Great find. :)

Glad you got your brads. :) Something else will start shouting to you now!! Off to visit Oliver...

Kath said...

wow this sounds just my kinda craft shop...just a shame it is so far away and check out those brads...absolutely yummy
Hugs Kath xxxxxx

Sandra said...

We go to the New Forest for our Holibobs, the in-laws have a lovely caravan there. This year we're there for the first 2 weeks of August. Will seek out Oliver's shop this year. Poor hubby will have to treat me... well, it will be my birthday ;o)
Thanks for the head's up. Love the papers and brads you are showcasing.
Sandra xx

Rachel said...

Lucky you to have such a lovely craft shop nearby :-) One day I'll have to visit! :-) (I'll warn you first!! LOL)

Adrienne said...

Oh those K&Co brads are definitely gorgeous! :D
Those Prima PPs are pretty neat too! Cant wait to see what you do with them!!

Anonymous said...

Hiyas Calv ,hubby and i went into your local shop a few weeks back and had a nice chat about you! lol xx jo xx

Jessica said...

Hey Calv! Thanks for showing the new papers. I hope I can find them in the states! But I'll be looking for them. Not only are they good for teenagers. They're also good for the older guys in my family! Thanks a bunch!

Paulien van den Bosch said...

Those papers look amazing!!!
Can't wait to see, what you create with them!

Love those super cool brads too!!!!