Thursday, 19 March 2009

Veg i inked today!!!

Hello everyone :)
Welcome to another episode of "Veg i inked today!". Yes it's Thursday evening.....a bit late i must admit but i have good excuses.

I almost had to skip this weeks veg inking, you see i haven't been feeling that great and have had dentists and hospital i have felt far from crafty this week. However i know Thursdays would not be the same without my waffle and a play with vegetables, so i thought I'd take my head out of the sand to ink something. :)
So after a few attempts on different veg, i managed a result on the.....POTATO!!!
If there is one thing i have found so far with veg inking, it is that the outside of a vegetable does not like to be inked! It goes dull, it dries very quick, and is just generally non-co-operative.
So peeling them first is a good way of at least getting some colour to stand out.

You have no idea how much of a mess i got into with this potato! I got through about half a pack of babywpipes, three pairs of latex gloves.....and a lot of Isopropyl alcohol for cleaning up afterwards!
The potato is not quite as bright as I'd have liked, but it does remind me of a precious stone or rock you would find in a mine.
Veginkability rating? I'm going to give this a middle of the road 5!
Not a bad score, but it wasn't a great veg to ink. I'm finding that veggies just don't have the shininess to their skins as fruit does. Not to fear, i will persevere and find that elusive pineapple of the veg world!
Thank you for viewing my veggies....oh and on a side note, my effort at growing veg at home is going well. My salad plants are doing well and my peas are sprouting nicely. :)
Rotty is also doing well after his Comic Relief dance last week with Calvin Mouse, yet something seems to be on his mind since he got back. He's been scurrying around the craft room all week, mumbling about all kind of nonsense. I think everything went well up at Calvin Mouse's house?
Maybe i'll ask him in a few days?
Take care everyone, and once again, i apologize for the lack of craftyness this week....I've been a poorly man and you know what we are like when that happens!!! :)
On the plus side, the nice nurse who took loads of bottles of blood from me today, well she was a fellow papercrafter, so we have something to chat about whilst she drained me!!!
Nite all.....till next week. :)


Jane Wetzel said...

Hey there...Looks almost as if it could be a gold nugget!! Maybe shinning in the sun???...take care..get well..thanks for dragging yourself up to ink your commitment... :)

Paula's ponderings said...

So sorry to hear you have been under the weather, but you are now officially a super hero in the crafting world! Not many men would struggle out of their sick pits to keep a date with their fans! I think Mr Potato looks great. His new coat of colour gives him a look of strength and majesty in the veggie world. Well done on your sprouting. My attempts at growing are snuggled up in the greenhouse at the moment not even attempting to see whats going on in the outside world. cant say I blame them!

Sheena said...

The spud looks great! I especially like the close-up pic.
Hope you feel better soon.

Gez said...

Super spud or what??

Looks like a faceted rock or rupee out of a computer game my kids like to play. :)

Good luck with your sproutings hope you're keeping them snuggly!

Hope you start to feel better REAL soon. Take care....have a lovely weekend & keep an eye on Rotty!!.

Tami B. said...

So sorry to hear you are feeling bad. I hope you are on the mend quickly. Now, that potato does look like something amazing from the rock shop. Gorgeous!

My craft space said...

Oh Calvin sorry to hear you are not feeling very well,hope you pick up soon. I think your spud lookes great i love the colours.

luv Val xx

Jessica said...

Hey Calv! Hope you're feeling up to snuff very soon. How many vials of blood did she take from you. I hope she gave you cookies too! lol Thanks for getting out of your sick bed to ink a veg for all your fans! Love the spud, I agree it looks like a raw semiprecious stone! Thanks Jess

having a {me} day said...

Belly achingly hilarious! Thank You! katxx PS also hope you are feeling better soon.

Paulien van den Bosch said...

I hope you do feel better, by this time!!!
I really love the look of that patato....
Gosh... I almost have the *wanting to try* feeling....