Friday, 13 March 2009

What is Rotty Rat up to?

Hi everyone, my postman has just been and it would appear that my little mate Rotty has a special letter from someone.

"Hi Rotty, I'm glad you have cheered up from your embarrassing incident in Maddy's naughty's a letter for you.....looks a bit cloak and dagger if you ask me!"

"Cheers boss....i wonder who this is from?"

"I've no idea Rotty, but it looks official, you'd better open it."

"Hmmm yeah i guess I'm up for that.....better get packing".

"Oh you mind taking my waist measurement for me?"

"Certainly Rotty...may i ask what for?"

"I'm having something made for me".

"Ah i see......come here then little matey.....arms up!"

"Wow Rotty....have we been tucking into my biscuits again? I think your six-pack is turning into a barrel!"

"Ok boss....leave my figure out of it will ya, unless you want me to start on yours?"

"Enough said Rotty.....there you go, all done!"

"Right then boss, I'm supposed to have a taxi coming, but it's really late.....i might have to make other arrangements if you know what i mean."

"WHAT ON EARTH ROTTY!!! Is that one of my kids Bratz scooters?

"Yeah sorry about that boss, well my travel arrangements were messed up so i had to hot wire this from the girls's not ideal but it will get me to where i need to go".

"Fair enough Rotty, nice helmet by the way, may i ask where you are going?"

"I'm off to Leeds boss.....for a rather special event...*wink wink*"

"Oh now Rotty, do be careful, you know what happened last time you had a go at Calvin Mouse".

"Don't worry boss, everything will be fine this time...theres just something i have to do."

"Ok Rotty, if you say so. By the way, won't you find it a bit embarrassing travelling the length of the country on a pink scooter?"

"Oh believe me ain't seen nothing yet!!!"

"Catch ya later boss, behave yourself....and if you can't careful!!!"

"Ok Rotty, have a safe journey....."

So then bloggers, that's a little intriguing to say the least, what do you think he's up to?

To find out, i think you'd better click here......i think you'll be in for a real treat! :)


Sarah C said...

How fantastic. Fancy getting a cryptic letter too. I love his pink scooter, but maybe you should hide your biscuits in future lol xoxo

My craft space said...

Calvin great fab and yes i was humming the tune as well

luv Val xx

Paula's ponderings said...

Ditto what I said on Maddy's blog...have to say Pink is most definitely Rotty's colour!! EXCELLENT!! xx

Sheena said...


I must say, I'm a little jealous of Rotty's scooter!!

Gez said...

Well done Rotty for being such a good sport. :O)

Your street cred will definately go up now. Yeah!

Have a lovely weekend.

Jane Wetzel said...

Love the scooter..lololololol You had better stay off it tho...Maddy mite dump your butt!! lololol

Anonymous said...

have no idea..*wink wink*"
that's a great fun to read and see those pics ;))

Chris said...

ROFL... oh I do love popping by to see what you have been up too... always guaranteed a laugh or two :D
Still can't get over your inked tomato.. I think it's fab... I would NEVER dream of inking fruit and veg but you do it soooo well.
Chris xx

SP said...

This should have come with a warning - NOT to browse in the office!! No one could get any sense out of me for a while - thank heavens the phone did not ring &-) !!

Rotty on a pink scooter....ROFL!

Thank you !

xx susan

cardesque said...

that was soooo fab! and Ratty's tutu even matches his 'borrowed' scooter:)
Jackie x

Sinikka said...

Rotty looks great with his helmet on.
So much fun!!!!!

Tonniece said...

LOL all crack me up. ROFL

Paulien van den Bosch said...

OMG.... this is hilarious!!!!!