Monday, 15 March 2010

A rare sight...a card from me!

Yes folks, shock horror it's a card from me!
I say that like it's an infrequent thing because it is compared to most of you, although they end up ok, the proccess is rather a stressfull one for me lol. Nothing matches in my eyes, i haven't a clue what to i'm kind of a "throw it on and eventualy something will come together" kind of guy.
Maddy's always a good influence for me, so thats what got me going on this one. To help me with the layout i followed this weeks Sketch Saturday challenge, always a big help for someone like me.
I enjoyed this sketch, easy enough not to be daunted, but enough room to jazz the card up as you wish...i used a Maya Road key stamp set for the main image...

I did some hand stitching around the oval, very time consuming but one of my fave additions to a card. I also gave the oval a very thin dusting of Distress Crackle Paint, it gave it the finest, almost invisible crackle effect...

I punched some small holes along the edge of the card and laced the sides with ribbon...

I added a custom made stamp that the lovely Nikki made me over at Dewdrop Craftz. ( For the record, i just got permission off of Maddy to call Nikki black eyes for Calv tonight!)

A bit of lace and a can't go wrong with those two can you?
So thats my yearly card making session over! I need a bath and a cuppa! :)
Thanks for stopping by, see you soon.


Albajane said...

AWW Pretty.......heh your good at this ,don`t stop now xx

Nora said...

Ya know, you keep SAYING that you struggle with these, but I don't see signs of a struggle ANYWHERE! *LOL* Looks great, Calv!

Calv said...

Thanks Jane....hi Nora, i don't know what it is with cards, i can sit there for hours and not have a clue what to do. I have absoloutely no paper matching skills whatsoever, Maddy does give me tips but i still can't see it. You could give me a set of matching papers and i wouldn't be able to see it lol.

Never mind, the end result is never too bad, so it gives me a little more confidence for the next time. :)

Sue said...

GORGEOUS Calv - loving what yo are doing at the mo

Nigel said...

Calv, you're going to have to explain how this "throw it on and eventualy something will come together" thing works, 'cause I'm beggared if I can get it to work that well :)

sandra said...

Your card is AMAZING and I would never say that you are "just throw it all on" crafter!
Your cards prove that you are natural talent.
And I keep coming back to look one your older card(one with the door)and thinking to myself how I won't never be able to make something beautiful as that!
So stop whine and keep them coming,because you are really god at card making!!!

Stressed Stamper said...

Great - and you can sew!!!wish I could throw things on a card and they looked like that!

Sumaiya Mehreen said...

just to let you know, my Dollhouse blog ( has moved to My Dream Dollhouse (

Calv said...

Thank you for the updated link Sumaiya, i have changed it on my blog.

Thanks for the comments everyone, Sandra that door piece was a 12 x 12 LO for Jennie at The Artistic Stamper. Thats one of my fave pieces, it took a little while, but again was one of those times where i sit there for ages until something materialises.

SS, the sewing really couldn't be more simple, i just got a pokey toolm or a dart in this case, poked the guide holes all around and then sewed it with a needle and thread. Just started off at the back, sew up through, back round to the underneath again but go to the next hole if that makes sense.

It is time consuming, but i like the rustic effect it can give.

Nigel, i've seen some of the great pieces you've done on your blog, the drawing and painting additions to your work is something that will be forever out of my abilities i fear. So i know for a fact you'd be able to throw anything together :)

Emma Lockley said...

Hi Calv! Lol re the link, dont worry i found you!!!

Well i wish i could throw stuff on a piece of card and end up with a little master piece, you certainly have the talent!
beautiful neutral colour combo and love the vintage style.

thanks for joining us at sketch Saturday this week,hope to see you join us again soon
love emma xxx

Olive Juice Studio said...

I'm out blog hopping and discovered your blog! It's so much fun! I love the clay rat/mouse - tooooo funny!!! It's great to see male crafters and I just love seeing crafts from a man's point of view! You did a fabulous job on this card too!

Oh! I'm now a follower too! :-)

I'll be back soon!!!