Wednesday, 10 March 2010

My "effort" with Fimo.

Well folks, here is a perfect example of why the saying, "Leave it to the experts" was invented. I would like to introduce you to my rabbit "Smudge"'ll find out later why i gave him that name.
Yes it's my attempt at Maddy's great Fimo Easter rabbit tutorial. The tutorial was great, even a guy like me who has the clay modelling skills of a drunk chimp....who had it's arms in a sling....could follow it with ease. I would like to add that as Maddy lives 250 miles away from me at the moment, she did not help me with this....she was cooking dinner during the whole process!
What amazes me when i watch Maddy do her thing with Fimo, is how she keeps it so clean!? I'll let you into a little secret folks, Maddy's craft room is never going to be the kind that you'll see in these books about organised scrap rooms.
She has the stash, she certainly has the talent, but unlike the ones that look so clinical and as though nobody ever crafts in it like in the mags, Maddy's craft room usualy looks like 50 burglars have been in.....with all their mates!!! :) It is well used and looks like it too. So how on earth she manages to keep her Fimo spotlessly clean i do not know!

I dropped mine on the floor about ten times, accidentally dug my nails into his teeth, which by the way are rabbits teeth and not a walrus.....but i did really enjoy making this little fella.
So a big thank you to Maddy for sharing this tutorial, i'll be passing it on to my girls....then when they look less than impressed with dads efforts they can ring Maddy and get expert advice! :)

If i could pass on my tips that i've learnt during this project it would be....
1. Don't drop white fimo on a carpet and expect it to come back clean.
2. Licking your finger and trying to rub off dirty marks just makes it worse.
3. Remember to use oven gloves when removing the plate from the oven. Ouch!
4. Don't put the plate straight into the fridge to cool down, it burns the plastic on your shelf.
5. Don't attempt to use Fimo at the same time as eating a chicken curry, prawn crackers and sesame seed on fried kind of counteracts all the times Maddy instructed you to wash your hands!
Thank you to my friend Oliver who owns my local craft shop Emerald Crafts, your Fimo was put to good use as you can see! :)
Thanks for go try one yourselves!!! :)


Hels Sheridan said...

ROFLMAO Calv....your description of the Fimo is EXACTLY what happened to me...when Clyde came to live with me, I got some Fimo and tried and tried and tried to make a cousin for ended up looking more like a toilet...I mean a real toilet..not the contents ROFL

Maddy is just so clever...she makes all those Fimo things and I had visions of her workspace being thanks for sharing that....

BTW...your, his teeth...eer......kind more like tusks??? LOL

Hope you ok chuck x

sandra said...

You laugh me to tears!!!

This is main reason why don't do fimo!
Let experts do it!
BTW-your bunny is not that bad!

Viv said...

Ha! Love your wabbit, even if he isn't white! Who would play with white fimo anyway? A nice Cafe Au Lait conceals lots !
PS. What is Ratty up to these days?

Calv said...

Thanks for your comments everyone :)

Tusks is exactly what i thought when i made them Hels, i might carve them down a bit. I did laugh about your "toilet" effort.

Hi Sandra, Thanks for your faith in my wabbit, he will be so pleased! :)

Hi Viv, glad you like the rabbit, thats a good pint about not using white fimo, and as for the rat...he's schemeing as we speak so watch this space!

Sarah C said...

This is gorgeous Calvin

Karen@CCC said...

He's rather cute Calvin (even though he appears to have a flappy bum for teeth). Just kidding, you've done really well there. Good tips too! Ha ha ha

Angelwood said...

LOL! I so enjoyed reading that post! But I think you did a wonderful job on your bunny. I have so much clay and books on making little clay critters but gave up on it. I should pull out my clay again (although my kids are enjoying playing with it at the moment). :0) hugs, Angela

Yvonne said...

ROFL , I am so glad I am not the only one having problems with htis one.
I am thinking, I will make this for my Grandsons, but I think I will be in my 60's before I will perfect this. But , I have to say,it was such a fab thing to hear Maddys room is not so perfect.. now I wonder, if ratty could make a sneek peek with a cam and show us, lol

Fabrizio said...

I love your rabbit and I can't use FIMO for toffee ! So I'm well impressed with your bunny ! :)

Anonymous said...

lolz I can empathise totally with the part about getting clay dirty. Even without dropping it on the floor I manage to get bits of lint, dust, cat hair etc embedded in it. Paint hides a multitude of sins though :D