Monday, 1 March 2010

The mystery of the missing muffin!

Hi everyone :)

A little late in posting about Valentines Day, but theres a reason for that.

This year was a little different on Valentines Day, as Maddy asked me not to get anything for her because i send her goodies so often anyway. I wasn't too happy about this but said as long as she didn't get me anything either i'd go along with it.

So that was the plan, until a certain mischievous monkey said she has posted me "just a little something"! She assured me it wasn't much, it had cost less than a pound, so i waited paitently for this mystery gift to arrive.

Well a week passed and nothing, a week and a half and still nothing, so Maddy was by now planning revenge on the postal service! She explained that she had bought me a Valentines muffin as she knows how much i love chocolate muffins with icing on. She has made a lovely box for it, not too girly just simple enough to house a nice prezzy for a guy.

So the postman he brought nuffin....not even my tasty muffin! (i should've been a poet) Anyway on Friday i returned to the house to find the above box in the post...

I love opening gifts from Maddy, always something to look at and be inspired by....

I was like a kid waiting for the sweet shop to open...then low and behold, there inside was a gorgeous muffin!

The box had survived the 2 week postal journy with just a few bangs here and there, but the muffin was in perfect condition! (Apart from my fingerprint at the bottom)

I have to admit, i was starting to have doubts as to whether or not Maddy had eaten it herself, but she was true to her word and this was a pleasure to receive.

I am now off to find my friend Net who is an expert cake maker, i need advice if this will be ok to eat after two weeks! :)

Thanks Maddy xxx

See you soon! :)


joanne wardle said...

I say if there's no mould it's okay to eat!!!

Nora said...

I'm with mold, it's gold! *LOL* It's a miracle there wasn't something green, fuzzy & waving at you when you opened the package, though, especially after traveling two weeks plus to Heaven knows where.
Enjoy your late Valentine's treat, Calv!

Nigel said...


Are you seriously telling me you're worried about a cake that's ONLY 2 weeks old? ;)

Love the packaging - that's one talented lady :)

Calv said...

Not to worry everyone, i ate it during my wait to see if it was safe, and it was lovely! :)

She certainly is talented Nigel, some day i might be able to teach her something for a change lol.

Thanks for stopping by everyone.

maddy hill said...

you still alive there ? good job i didnt bake it with my cooking skills you would be at the nearest hospital and that would be without the 2 week delay !

♥ Lydia ♥ said...

Bless! The best pressies are always the cheapest x Glad it got there eventually...we have such a great postal 'service' don't we! tut
It looks yummy...but not as much as the box...that's gorgeous Maddy ♥

Hels Sheridan said...

Are you sure that is a finger print and you hadn;t just licked it? I would have cos it look lush! Lucky you...having your cake and...eating it too ROFL...lovely box for it to arrive in too...Maddy is so clever x

Sarah C said...

what a fantastic idea for a gift and a gorgeous box too.