Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Fiskars 18 piece scissor set.

Hi everyone :)

Today i wanted to show you my new set of Fiskars paper scissors that i bought from Create and Craft the other day. I know most of you will have some of these scissors in your craft room, but maybe you are like me and have only ever bought the rubbish ones in the past, you know the ones that break in five minutes or don't cut properly.
I've paid as much as £3 for a single pair of poor quality scissors in the past, yet these were a total bargain at £14.99 for 18 pairs, that includes the great perspex storage stand.
So straight on with the scissors, here's a few pics to show you the edges that you get...
May i just say what great quality these scissors are, they cut cleanly, the plastic handles do not feel like they are going to snap any minute. At under a pound each, this is a great addition to the craft room.


The stand is solid and has a hinged lid that closes, ideal for keeping your scissors clean and dust free.
When i bought these, i had my kids in mind, they will love these different edges and what with all the projects they are doing at school at the moment, they will be able to create so many different effects.
Then again, whilst having a play with these this morning, i can see they will be great for someone like me who has limited edge punches and tools like Nestabilities. Also, with the various wonderful colours that they come in, what craft room wouldn't be brightened up with a set of these sitting on the table?
Thanks for looking. :)
Edit: I know this is probably obvious to you ladies out there, maybe most of you guys too, but i will have to point out something with the scissors. I was a bit miffed because the mini scallop scissors didn't give me a typical bumpy scallop edge, so Maddy pointed out that if i turn the scissors get a different edge!
So as Sarah C rightly pointed out, i actualy get 36 pairs for my money! :)
Typical women....always right!!!


maddy hill said...

they are great Calvin ! ive had some of my fiskers scissors for flippen years and years and yet the cheapers last only a few times then they break .
great bargain you got there.

Kath said...

What a splendid bargain, Calv. They will ,as you say, look good as well.

Nora said...

Fiskars is a fantastic brand & this set will last you & your girls a LONG time. Great find!

Sarah C said...

I nearly got these, now I wish I had. Remember that if you turn the scissors upside down to use, you get a different edge, so really you get 36 pairs for your money!!! Bargain or wot??!!

sandra said...

Those are amazing!!!
Now I want those!!!!!!!!


Calv said...

Thanks everyone, they certainly are nice. :)

Sarah C, funnily enough i was having a bit of a moan to Maddy that the scalloped scissors didn't cut the same shape as a scallop punch, you know with the bumps, the scissors seemed to leave a pointed edge.....then Maddy stated the obvious...turn the things ove and you'll get the other shape!!!

They do say that behind every guy is a great woman. :)

jayne said...

Hiya we are a blog run for fiskars called fiskarettes ! You will have to post your creations that you make with your new purchase we'ld love to see ! It's not a blog just about Fiskars but it makes us happy to see fiskars tools being used. check us out its free to join and you can join in competitions,DT calls and much more :)

Fabrizio said...

Ahhhh bless you Calv ! LOL I had the same ah ah moment when turning my corner scissors ! :)

I nearly bought them when I saw them on air but I have already a set of 18 I bought yonks ago ! So I would have only just doubled up. I wanted them for the storing case really !

Have fun with them. X Fab

Naeema said...

will u sell these to me? :D