Thursday, 28 May 2009

Veg i inked today!!!

Good evening good people of blogland! Another Thursday evening is upon us, it's almost the weekend so what better to get you through that final couple of days that reading about the biggest waste of alcohol ink you'll ever see? :)
I've been struggling recently with which beg to ink, i am quickly running out of options and i even thought i might have to resort to real crafting!!! So off to the grocers i went today, scouring the shelves for something that might make nice viewing. Tucked away at the back was a veg which i personaly feel should be banished from the world, a veg that tastes so horrendous that it makes me icky just thinking about it....but as i was going to ink it and not eat it, i took the plunge and went with.....the COURGETTE!!!

As expected, it inked like it tastes.....not good! It held it's colour ok, but the green skin of the courgette made for a nasty background.
I have to say though, the new Raspberry alcohol ink looks gorgeous in the flesh, all the new colours are nice but the raspberry is so vibrant, you just can;t help but add it to whatever you are inking.
I used a little Pearl mixtative too, it gave the inks a shimmer (hasn't come out too well inj the pics though) it left the blue with lovely pearlescent swirls in it.
So there you go, one altered courgette to satisfy your need for inky edibles! Now then, time for the veginkability rating. Not a great veg to ink, but i'd be happy to give this weeks veg a 6

Thanks for tuning in again this week everyone, you may sit there wondering why you do this every week, but just day you'll be explaining to your kids why it's good to eat veg, and you'll say...."Did you know....i knew a man once who inked veg to make them look nice!"
Till next time, take care all. :)


Nancy said...

Hi there:O) I have been looking down your blog, and I just have to say WOW! It is funny, you make gorgeous cards, I love your little rat:O) You make me smile;O) Inking veg? I do not know how you got the idea, but it is fun!!!!
Keep having fun:O)
Hugs, Nancy.

Sarah C said...

Ooh, I love roasted courgetes, but this one looks even nicer. Well done :) xoxo

kt said...

OKay, Calv, for those of us who THINK we speak English--what is a courgette? I looks like what we call a zucchini. Is it? If so I find them rather bland and watery but they make a lovely bread!

When I was in France staying with a family, the lady of the house spoke only French and I,only English with a tiny understanding of French. She asked if I liked aubergine. I didn't know what that was so I looked it up in the French-English dictionary they had and in English it is Aubergine! Quelle problem! But then I asked an American friend and in American it is an eggplant and no, I don't like them either! Language is fun, no?

Gez said...

Oh its turned out well Calv! Love your comment at the end!! I once knew a man! hehe....Have a super weekend. Gez. :-D

Jennie said...

love the zucchini/courgette, and it so much better inked, it has to be the most tasteless of the vegs.. so watery....

Rosie (Freycob) said...

Fab inking Calv!

You can't beat a nice plate of roasted veg INCLUDING courgettes! YUMMY!!!

Not to mention courgette and cocoa muffins! schlurp!

Karen said...

Hi Calv, I stumbled on you blog from Fabrizio's. I think its a fantastic blog and your work is stunning. Although I'm really not sure why you would want to ink veg, but each to there own.
I've become a follower of yours and Rottys blogs. I can't wait to see what you come up with next. Feel free to have a gander at my blog if you wish.

Love Karen xxx

Nigel said...

Calv, mate, you worry me at times :p

If you're running out of veg, you could maybe try something else. How about fruit? I reckon lemon or grapefruit would take colour well.

Calv said...

Hi everyone, thanks for the comments, and hi to the newcomers to my weird world of veg inking. :)

Nigel. thats how i started, with fruit. I was bored one night and decided to ink a banana, and it carried on from there. I must admit the fruit inking looked nicer thatn some of my veg.

Might have to go on to body parts next! ;)

Karen said...

hahahahahaha looking forward to inked body parts now!!!! I have stumbled over here fromanother blog and I likee what I seeee!!! You are an amazingly talented crafter of course but I have to admit that I chortled at your veggies haha XXX

maddy hill said...

Now you see if that was embossed with gold it would remind me of one of your past mishaps with embossing powder .... yes i can hear you chuckle from here ! rofl ... im not going to say how much i like your veg calvin lol ..after all i suppose im bias being your girlfriend and all .... but it is very pretty lol

im off to bed now , i think the tiredness has set me off on the giggles ....

Anonymous said...

interesting veg to ink. looks like a masterpiece now.

Hey found another male crafter out there... The Stamp Man

Lea said...

Very nice courgette Calv! It's such a shame that you can't use edible inks and come up with these fabulous results lol!

I can't help but think how lovely salads and stir fries would look with some of the great colours you use.

Jo said...

Calv, I love your inked veg - so inspired... and fun!