Thursday, 7 May 2009

Veg i inked today!!!

Thursday night again folks, time to get yourself a cuppa, take the weight off of your feet and spend a few minutes of your week in the capable hands of a guy they said would never escape! :)
This week has been a bit of a difficult one for me as far as the veg inking is concerned. Believe it or not i am running low on veg that is good to ink. There are some veg that i could ink, but know from practise runs that they are rubbish, and not even worthy to be seen here.
So today i just hoped for the best during my visit to the grocers and something little. So give a warm welcome to......the SUGAR SNAP PEA!!!

The pictures just don't do these peas justice! They did dry out quite fast which always leads to dulling, but they did well to retain at least some colour.
Maybe not the best place to try out my new Brights alcohol inks, you can't see how totally cool these new inks are on a pea....but i cannot recommend them enough for those of you who don't have them already.
The most common question i get from bloggers is simply "Why?". Well i like the fact that you can take something that we don't usually look twice at, and turn it into something that is worth a second look.
This one below reminds me of a big fish for some reason. :)
Veginkability for the sugar snap peas? Well they didn't ink as well as expected. but then again I'm definitely seeing a pattern in what makes a veg good to ink. The shiny skin. This just doesn't fit the bill.....then again it did result in at least some i think I'm going to go with a 4 this week.
I am a bit disappointed that the Brights didn't reveal themselves as well as i would have hoped, they really are the most gorgeous of colours. Next week i will endeavour to give you something much brighter to view!
Thanks for looking everyone, I'd better go and check on what Rotty is up to, you just never know with him these days!
Night all. :)


Jane Wetzel said...

I just wanna know...what do u do with these inked veggies when u r done?? :)

Calv said...

Hi Jane, sometimes they get kept in my freezer, but often it's off to that big vegetable patch in the sky for them. :)

Unfortunately only a few have survived the test of time and otherwise go mouldy. Still, they are nice to look at while they last. :)

Thanks for stopping by Jane. :)

Sarah C said...

These look fab Calvin. They'd be great hung in a bunch. Chillies would be good like that too ~ ever done chillies before? xx

Ruth (ooffee) said...

Don't think your veggies match up to your fruits! You'll never beat the pineapple!

Calv said...

I've not tried a chillie yet Sarah, now theres a thought!

Ruth you are far...that sounds like a challenge so i'll sort myself out and see what i can do! :)

Michelle said...

wow,,,they almost look like jewelery!

Gez said...

Wow!...... the peas look great to me. :-D

I can't get over how the pea looks like a fish but it really does!!! Oh dear! rofl....

Have a great week. Gez. :-)

Crafting with Sue said...

Oh wow! They were definitely worth a second glance alright! Hmmmn, I have some alcohol ink just sitting there collecting dust, maybe it's time I whip them out. LOL! Thanks for the inspiration!

magic boxes said...


LOVE your blog and your work - mad and beautiful all at the same time - perfect creativity!

Great sense of humour too!!!

Elaine x

Patti Smith said...

Great job on the sugar snap always amazes me the color combo and color bleeds that you get...TFS Calv..

mamaluke said...

How fab, i love the momentary beauty of them, like so many things in this world, they exist ut for a short time to be enjoyed, then all we have is the memory or the photos...

Anonymous said...