Monday, 18 May 2009

Someone is going to be in BIG trouble i think!

Hi all, looks like Rotty is all dressed up for a fun night out...."Hi Rotty, that's a cool looking mask you have on there, are you off anywhere fun?"

"Hi boss.....umm......well yes in fact i's a fancy dress party, yep that's what it is, fancy dress!"
"Wow that sounds like fun Rotty, is that your costume then.....just a mask?"
"Yes boss, but that's all i need, I'm going as a "rat burglar"....get it?....Instead of "cat burglar? I borrowed a bit of your ribbon, hope you don't mind?"
"Oh very cunning Rotty, you sure were first in the que when they were giving out bright ideas weren't you?"
"Sure was boss i have to go....can't stop ok.....don't wait up!"
Oh well bloggers, there he goes, off on his big night out.....bless him.....
*A few hours later in Leeds, something is going on at Calvin Mouse's house......

"Why on earth did Maddy make Calvin's roof so steep? It's pretty inconsiderate you know, theres me awaiting a new house, and i have to furnish it. How on earth am i supposed to pinch Calvin Mouse's furniture and get it back to mine when the roof is so steep?!!!"
"Good job i did all that rock climbing training a while back in my boss's garden, this is hard work. I think I'll be safest going through the skylight"......

"Ok, almost there......just a few more then, time to secretly negotiate Calvin's window......."

Uh oh! I think Rotty has some explaining to do when he gets home don't you folks?, we all know how much of a little grass Calvin Mouse is, Maddy is sure to find out soon enough!
Stay tuned for Rotty's roasting of a lifetime! :)


sandra said...

Poor Rotty!Again in trouble.

Gez said...

Oh Rotty! I daren't look.....

Viv said...

What a RAT! He doesn't learn does he?!

lasona said...

Does he ever learn, such a bad little fellow. I absolutely adore rotty...kind of reminds me of my rebellious young years..

Linda Cain said...

I LOVE this! So stinkin' cute.

Jane Wetzel said...

too funny!

Jaqi said...

Brilliant , just brilliant, Jaqi

Prudence said...

Oh dear, trouble again