Thursday, 11 June 2009

Veg i inked today!!!

We I call them a vegetable. :)
Good evening once again my good friends, how are we all this fine Thursday evening? Tonight i have tried inking something that although technically is not a real vegetable, i like to think of it as the veg of the forest.
I'll give you a couple of clues....we usually see them, but can't always touch them. If you didn't get that then theres something seriously wrong! Then again, if you're waiting with baited breath for a vegetable that's been inked....theres also something not quite right don't you agree?
Tonight i inked....some FUNGI!!!
Pretty funky eh?
Some bits inked better than others, most of the fungi reacted to the ink like mushrooms, they just soaked it up like a thirsty.....thirsty thing.
Yet close up they didn't look so bad. It did take a little while to ink the individual stems, but art does not happen in a second does it?
I tried using Pearl mixative on the heads, but it didn't like the texture, so i got a kind of furry funky thing going on...
So there you have first attempt at fungi. It came from the grocers and is edible, so don't worry about any side effects. As for the veginkability rating for the fungi....i would say a comfortable 7 for this colourful bunch!
*Important: Especially as kids come on the site, but for the grown ups too.....don't attempt to pick fungi if you don't know what you are picking. Accidents are my department, not you lovely people!!! :)
Sorry i haven't blogged much lately, my mojo is wayward at the mo.....personally i think that thieving little toerag Calvin Mouse has stolen it!
Talking of which, a funny pic to leave you with tonight.....we had a lovely craft day at Rachel's house the other day, a fun day with crafting, demos and i met some new friends to.....and we had some lovely cakes. Two little men were there Rotty let Calvin have the last bit of shortbread....

Awww....wasn't that sweet? ;)
Take care all....


Sarah C said...

These are amazing. Well done. Let's hope your mojo comes home soon. I'm glad you had a good day at Rachel's. Sounds like Rotty's mellowing though. Possibly a little worrying?????

Nigel said...

I've heard stories about mushrooms and psychedelic colours. Are you sure you were only inking them ;)

I wouldn't worry too much about the mojo, mine goes AWOL quite regularly - usually when I need it most.

♥ Lydia ♥ said...

Oh WoW!!! So wonderfully wacky!! :0)
Haven't popped in for ages due to moving house and sorting PC. Hope you and yours are all ok...I see Rotty's being his usual 'kind' self!! lol

Kate said...

Lovin those 'veggies' - they look fabby

Anonymous said...

i'm sorry to say calvin but i think you should revise the picture of calvin and rotty with the shortcake and look at it differently from a older piont of view, ooo god.. have you relised it yet???? hehe lol. x

sandra said...

I must confess that I don't get your passion for inking vegs,but those look interesting!
And Rotty is being Rotty!
I would like to use this opportunity and ask your mojo to come back to you!(Let me know if this worked)lol!

BlueRose said...

Gosh that really did turn out funky all right but it so pretty. Kinda confusing isn't it!

Debbie Dolphin said...

Pretty Fungi!!!eh lol

Lea said...

I think I like the inked fungi the best out of all you've done so far.

You know if you could exhibit these at a gallary you'd make millions!


Lea said...

Should that be gallery? Sorry!


Gez said...

Wow fab fungi! Hope you find your mojo soon. Been missin' visiting!

Have a lovely weekend. Gez.

Jane Wetzel said...

okay...honestly...the fungi is tooo much to handle...YUCCCCKKKKK... were u high??? (just kidding) :)

Jo said...

These are soooo cool, well worth the effort!

Tami B. said...

I love your funkadelic fungi. I truly had no idea what they were until I read through your post. I hope your mojo returns. Mine goes on holiday without me occasionally.

sandra said...


Becki and Alan said...

Wow - those fungi look amazing! And good to Rotty and Calvin back on the scene.

There's a little something waiting for you over on our blog, if you'd care to pop over and take a look.


Jennie said...

ow! is all I xcan say these are fab!
Hugs xx

Michelle said...

you should take some really good photo's of your art and then start a line of cards and stuff with them! I bet people would "snatch" them up! If you sell on have to make and ship your own...if you go through Red Bubble .com, they do all the work for you!

Nina said...

OK.. you TOTALLY crack me up with all your inking... I have been lurking for some time now, between the rats and the inking and card making I must certainly say you four make visiting these blogs quite interesting, wacky and of course creativitly wonderful!!

Nina said...

OH... I also left you a blog award on my blog, it's a scrap strong award, I know you don't just scrap, but you certainly catch our attention with all this great creativity... and I must say... I have never seen so much beautiful inked food!! LOL... or odd stuff! :O)

Calv said...

Thank you for the award Nina, and a huge thank you to everyone for your lovely comments. I'll be back soon. :)

leasanders said...

Hi, Calv, long time no visit! Hope you'v been well! Love the mushrooms. They almost look like anemone. =) Come visit my lonely blog sometime.

sandra said...

Don't know in which hole you disappear,but I hope you will get from there soon!
And when you do come to my blog and pick up your well deserved award!

bissecat said...

This is very inspirational blog.Greetings from Land of Santa.

Rachel said...

Hmmm Calv - methinks you should emerge from the depths for your fans :-D

P.S. How is Rotty doing? Is he jealous of Calvin Mouse's new bathroom & bike?