Wednesday, 6 May 2009

What next?

I give up! Guess which little man has gone and got himself a blog?

He's just posted his first post, and found himself a bit out of his depth amongst fellow creatures by the sounds of it.....i'll let you read it yourselves here!

I need to lie down, i thought it was hard enough looking after two kids.....let alone a third!!!


alcoholinky said...

my god Calv - you must have a 48 hour day to have time to run a blog for Rotty too!

Calv said...

Lol i wouldn't count on it being as active as mine....i initialy got him signed up so he could answer peoples blogs on his own, bit it ended up with him having a blog...then i felt bad that people were following him so i had to his follers at least something to look at on his blog!

That rat is a pain at times!!! :)

Rotty Rat said...


I'll have you know, if it wasn't for me, you'd have no crafty stash left! Think about that one next time you call me a pain!!!

Some humans!