Monday, 29 December 2008

My first go at a sketch!

Hi all :)

I know i said i wasn't going to blog for a while, but as Maddy is down here with me, she has awoken my craftyness, so i felt it only right to put something on my blog. A card.

Actualy, Maddy introduced me to a few new things last night whilst doing this card. Firstly, i have never done a sketch for a card. I tried a sketch from Sketch Saturday, i hold my hand up to getting a guidance from Maddy for this card, but in the end i learnt a lot and will now be able to give them a try on my own in future.

Secondly, i had my first proper play with Maddy's Copics. After an hour of stressing that i was not getting it right, the colour gradualy came with a bit of patience. This colouring is not brilliant, but it's a first effort and i'm chuffed with it.

Thirdly, i have never sewed on card before. I've tried, but my sewing machine kept playing up so i wasn't able to do it. However Maddy mended the machine, which in turn meant i could try out stitching on card for the first time. I am so chuffed with this because i have seen so many gorgeous cards out there, and real stitching can really set a card off.

So a big thank you to Maddy for all the guidance on this, and a big thank you to the ladies at Sketch Saturday for introducing me to my first shetch. :) It will be a huge help for people like myself who can sit in front of a card for ages and not be too sure what layout to do.

Hope you all had a great Christmas, and heres wishing you a great New Year. :)


Judy's Crafty Moments said...

Great card and love your colouring! The stitching is great..I got a mini-sewing machine from Santa and I am loving using it on my cards..still need lots of practice though!
Judy x

Paula's ponderings said...

excellent first attempt Calvin! Two things I havent tried..sketches and stitching maybe next year? Im still ummming and aaaaaarghing over getting myself some copics but need a new car so....still I can always go for smart car instead, save a few hundred pounds for COPICS!! Yay...great lightbulb moment there...wonder how hubby will take it?? Happy happy New Year to you all (Yes that includes Calvin the mouse!). (there I go rambling on again!)

Toni said...

lovely card Calvin
I love my copics and they do need alot of practise Im still trying to better mine

Chris said...

Well I think you did a wonderful job Calv... love your stitching, something I keep meaning to try but not quite got round to yet... you are so right when you say it can add a special something.
I love your colouring and I'm saving my pennies for some copics after seeing Maddie's fab colouring too :D
Hope you all had a fab Christmas and wishing you all good things for 2009
Chris xx

Ruth (ooffee) said...

Great card Calv. I want to try stitching - but I'll need a new machine as the foot pedal on mine keeps burning the carpet! LOL!

Love your colouring - why not kidnap the copics to even things up after Maddy kidnapped your stamp??? x

Hazel said...

Great card, Calv. You'll certainly be doing more sketches now - I love doing them too (I did one for another challenge earlier on)

Rachel said...

Well done Calvin! :-)

Sandra said...

Hi there! Wow what a fantastic card...and you say it is your first time using a sketch? Hmmmm... I wonder. There will be no stopping you now. Thanks for your kind comment on my blog and for joining in with the challenge on Sketch Saturday!
Sandra xx

babybluegirl said...

WOW: What a lovely card. You did a great job on the sewing machine and with your colouring in! :)


Sharron said...

Well I think you did a fabulous job on the card........great stitching too!

Heather "Hev" said...

I think Maddy has unleashed a new direction for you :)You have done a fabulous job :)

Perhaps your next sketch can incorporate a pic of your fruit!

Juliet said...

Well I think it's brilliant Calv!!! No stopping you now then?

kim-paperbabe said...

Great card and sketches are so nice to follow, haven't managed to get my sewing machine out it's too big so tend to do faux stitching!

Bev said...

Gorgeous card, love the image and beautiful colours
hugs Bev x

Debbie said...

Great card Calv and your copic colouring is fab, love the stitching too!
Happy New Year! Debbie x

Jo said...

WOW! I think your colouring is perfect! I haven't tried sewing onto cards yet (mainly because my machine hates me lol) I think you have done a grand job and I hope you'll join in again in the future.
Thank you for taking part this week.
Happy New Year!
Jo xx

Dawny P said...

Loving the first attempt Calv - and bless Maddy!!! Hope you both have a fabulous new year :))

Heather "Hev" said...

Happy New Year :)

If you pop over to my blog I have something speical for you ok :)

Honour Roll

Hugs Heather

My craft space said...

Hi Calv, that card is wonderful

luv val xxx

cardesque said...

another fab card Calv and your colouring is great.
I have just given you an award for your fabulous blog. You do some wonderful things to fruit and you make beautiful creations and also make me laugh too.

Julie said...

WOW I love your card Calvin!!

Kate said...

That card is really lovely Calv. There is something on my blog for you.

Linniepink said...

Gosh your first attempt is somethiing i would be proud to have made it is fabby.

Liverpool Lou (Anne) said...

Happy New Year Calv ;)
The card is fab. I think sketches are a great idea when we struggle for inspiration, they really are a good starting point - not that I've actually done any myself but I'm definitely going to have a go next time I'm stuck.
Anne x