Tuesday, 16 December 2008

A prezzy for a lil mouse.

Just a quick blog post to show you what i made the other day.

I was feeling a little guilty for torturing, i mean "encouraging" Calvin Mouse into telling me where my stamp was. Knowing that Maddy was making a little house for him, i decided to make him a moving in present....some tables and a chair.

Simple, but very fiddly to make, these tables and chairs are made from balsa wood. The rungs on the chair are made from cocktail sticks. Finished off with a coat of white acrylic, they make a lovely addition to any no use house.

Here they are in action.....

I made two tables so that he can have one in his house, and the other is for when he is crafting with Maddy. :)

The full pics and story is on Maddy's blog here.

Wanna know a little secret? If any of you are in any doubt as to how much Maddy loves this mouse......last time i was up at Maddy's, we were tucked up in bed "having a cuddle". However for about half an hour, Maddy couldn't concentrate on anything else because she knew a certain little someone was tied up in the other room!!!




maddy hill said...

thank you for making him thoses calvin ... i think you have now been forgiven for inking him.... sort of.. anyway ... im sure a nice little kitchen unit would really secure the forgiveness part .... heheee !

♥ Lydia ♥ said...

They are fab! ♥
...and a nice little kitchen sounds perfect!! ^.^

crafty creations said...

brilliant Calvin !!!!!you always make me smile :):):) thnak you and have a wonderful Christmastime

Chris said...

AWESOME!! I am sure you will be well forgiven now for being naughty and inking Calvin
Thanks for making me smile :D
Chris xx

Sarah C said...

Wow, you're forgiven in my eyes. These are brilliant. I still can't believe the hype over a mouse! Usually I run screaming from them LOL xxx

Heather "Hev" said...

Now if Calvin (mouse) is as smart as most mice seem to be - you could be making a house full of furniture for eternity as his tastes and decor change..... I wonder if Calvin reads your blog???

Princess Gizmo said...

Gosh! I've been meaning to try my hand on... carpentry! I just need some basic tools, need some basic skills.. but I do know a little bit about tools.. I just don't know how to use my hands. Afraid if I try to make a mini table will turn into a mini stool.. LOL.. Love your creation here!

P/s: I'm so jealous of Calvin!! Maybe I should make a beautiful she mouse to lure him... you know out from his little house.. So I can have the house!!! HAHAHAHA..It's mine!!! XD

Princess Gizmo said...

Oopss sorry I haven't finish my comment yet!! LOL..

Well then I can steal that set of mini table & chair... Hehehehehe.. XD

Tami B. said...

Sorry I've been away and missed all this Calvin the mouse drama. You crack me up. Love the furniture and such fun fruit inked of late.

My craft space said...

Calvin they are fab you and Maddy are so talented. Have a nice crimbo and see you soon.

luv val xxxxx

Calv said...

Thanks for the comments everyone, glad you like the furniture as much as Calvin Mouse does. :)

I feel there is going to be a long list of other house items being sent to my door very soon.

Take care and have a good Christmas every one. :)

Anonymous said...

those table and chairs are just so cool! thanks for sharing. And I've seen Calvin Mouse's house. How cool is that!

One spoilt mouse!

Patti Smith said...

That mouse has prettier furniture than I do!! LOL.....great job on the furniture Calvin.