Thursday, 11 December 2008

Fruit i inked today!

Hilooooo my fruity friends!!! :)

Firstly may i offer my sincere apologies for the lack of fruit last week, i haven't been in hiding or anything, just a little rushed off my feet with things. I felt my crafty head had upped and left me again, but that may have had something to do with my craft room being so messy, i couldn't get to the table!

This week i struggled with what to ink in a major way. Although there are many other fruits out there, they are not all accessible to me. So i have to make do with what few fruits that there are in the local grocers.

So this week i had to make do with the only one in the shop that i have not featured yet......and i almost wish i hadn't please put your hands together for....the MANGO!!!

This was not nice to ink at all! Theres something about the mango's skin that makes the ink dry very quickly, which in turn makes it dull quickly too. Not a good thing when you want a colourful fruit!

There were however some nice patterns that emerged on it.....the photo doesn't really do it justice but some of the layers of colour were lovely to look at.....

I think my favourite part of this fruit was a pattern i found whilst photographing it. Interesting fact time......i have a bit of a fondness for the night sky and the gorgeous pictures that come from it. Some of the most beautiful pics are of the many "nebula" that are up there. These are clouds of dust, gas and other spacey bits, and they are the first step in the life cycle of a star.
Now one of my fave pics is of the "Horsehead Nubula" which can be found in the constellation Orion. Heres a piccy of it.....

Beautiful eh? You can see where it gets it's name from. So what has this got to do with my fruit you might ask? Well......look what i found in the patterns of the ink.....
Yes ok, maybe not something NASA would be proud of lol, but i like to think of it as my very own fruity horse head nebula! :)
Fruitinkability rating? I think a lowly 3 for the mango, mainly because it dried to quick and went very dull very quickly. The colours weren't vibrant enough on the skin. So a poor performance from what you would imagine would be a colourful fruit.
Now then, i have mentioned many times that at some point i would run out of fruit, and i'm just about at that point now. So instead of making my task of searching for fruit each week even harder, i'm going to move on to my new feature of "Veg i inked today!". Very original i know, but it had to be the natural progression after my fruity subjects.
Next week though, i am going to leave the fruit inking saga with a repeat of a rather special fruit from past episodes. Not sure which one yet, but i have one in mind. :)
Thanks for tuning in, i hope i have found you all well and in fine crafty spirits. Till next time..... :)


Sarah C said...

Wow, fancy making your own Horsehead Nebula and yep, I can definately see the resemblence xx

Toni said...

fantastic Calvin cant wait to see the veg inked

Jennie said...

ooh was having withdrawal symptons ..thank you for the fruit inking :) lol
Love the Horsehead

My craft space said...

It does look like a horses head Calvin, nice colours on the fruit to
luv val xxxx

Cindy Lietz, Polymer Clay Tutor said...

Hey Calv, I'm new here so I have to ask, "Why the heck are you inking fruit?"

Don't get me wrong, it looks really cool. Really, really cool! But I don't get it.

Is it just for random craftyness? Or is there a greater purpose for this inky fruit?

Calv said...

Good question Cindy, and funnily enough you're not the first to ask lol.

It started out of boredom one night when i decided to ink a banana,and stayed as a regular feature. I guess it's similar to someone asking "Why alter a perfectly good tin?" I guess it's to make it look nicer than it is.

This sometimes works with my fruit! :)

Glad you all liked the colours. :)

Lea Sanders said...

Very cool fruit to space photo comparison! =) Have a great holiday, Calv! I'll catch in the new year.

Tereza Crump aka MyTreasuredCreations said...

WOW!! just curious...where do you get your tropical fruit from? Which country is it imported from? BTW, I love the colors!!! :) Tereza