Thursday, 4 December 2008

Maddy's asleep so.........


You might try and look cute on Maddy's blog, but she's asleep now so you have nowhere to hide your furry little butt!

It's no good pouting your lip like that either, the "RSPCA advert" look won't wash with me mister!

We are going to be here until i find out where you and Maddy have put my Sugar Nellie stamp! I know it's in the craft room somewhere, and as you spend most of your time here......i guess you are the next best person to ask!

So whats it going to be? The tweezers or maybe a pokey tool somewhere eh? Oh yes my furry little friend, no-one pinches my stamp and gets away with it!

The balls in your court now Calvin Mouse!!! It's my Sugar Nellie stamp back in my craft bag by tomorrow night....or i'll be back for a chat without cheese and biscuits!

Oh nice one! You've woken Maddy now, ok ok stop you're squeaking.....i'll let you go for now.....but i'll be watching ya!

*Note: Don't worry bloggers, no mouse was harmed during this interrogation......he still has a day to come with the goods! :)


♥ Lydia ♥ said...

Uh Oh!!!!
Me thinks you're gonna be in BIG trouble!!! *.*

Princess Gizmo said...


Ruth (ooffee) said...


Jennie said...

mmmm cruelty to mices! mmm. what do you think you are doing????? LOL

Katzele (Bea from France) said...

LOL !!! Poor little mouse ;-)

Paula's ponderings said...

LOL...i so needed to see this after a hellish week...thank you so much for making me laugh...Luckily I wasnt doing payroll recs, so only spat coffee out all over the petty cash in my fits of laughter. poor little Calvin mouse looks so scared he should know you'd never REALLY hurt him. Hope you and Maddy have a wonderful time together.

Anonymous said...

Calvin, How funny you are this mouse saga is BRILL!!!!!!!!, but dont you DARE hurt him.

luv val xxxxx

crafty creations said...

Oh you have so brightened my day :):):)

thank you

x Hilda

joanne wardle said...

lol @ the rspca advert look!

Sarah C said...

Calvin the human I have one thing to say:


How could you think of hurting your namesake? I am shocked at you! No wonder the Sugar Nellie stamp's in hiding!! LOL

*readers - no human was harmed in the making of this comment. Can't say whether it'll stay like that though. Ball's in your court Calvinthe human Hmmm..........

Hels said...

Ooooh, Calvin, you rotter, that poor little defenseless mousey..all tied up and looking so, did it work then? Did you get the Sugar Nellie back? No? GOOD!!!!! Mwhahahahahaha.....*evil laugh*....remember, Calvin Mouse has a big brother Clyde, and he can be reaaaaally mean when he wants to be!!!! A mousey bite in the wrong place.....eewwww, makes your eyes water :O))

Daniel Askeland said...

Poor, poor little mouse..

Thinking about going to the pshyciatrist? :S

Greetings from Daniel

Trine Blix said...

Oh, my GOD!

I'm glad I've got muscles in "certain places" - if not I would've wet my pants during a spasm-like laughter attack!

You guys are just plain wonderful! the way.....ever read "Of mice and men"....?

Nikki said...

After the last 4 hrs packing and finally getting some stamp making squeezed in.. I needed that..

You made my night with your interrogation techniques..
Maybe you should think about a

Take care guys.. have a lovely time together..

Dawn said...

Release that mouse at once!!!
Now where's the yellow pages for the RSPCA number - ROFL!!

Jami {sgtStamper} said...

You are too funny!!
hugs, Jami