Friday, 5 December 2008

Right then! Times up!!!

So then Calvin Mouse! I went easy on you earlier due to Maddy waking up, and i gave you a day to get my stamp why do i find myself sat here without a certain Sugar Nellie stamp?
Not good my furry little friend.....not good at all!

I mean we are mates and all that Calvin Mouse, but a stamp is a stamp and I'm sure any crafter would feel the same. In fact I've seen crafters do terrible things over missing stash, you should see Maddy when her fave ribbon is missing!!! I'm still having therapy from when i accidentally used her new 12 x 12's for wiping up glue!

So I'm sorry Calvin but.....

The alcohol ink it is then!!!

Sorry Calvin Mouse but you brought this on yourself. Assisting a known stamp thief is a crafty crime beyond belief, and one that must be dealt with swiftly, and colourfully

So then, we've started with the Stream blue you want to divulge any info yet? Or do i have to go for the.....CRANBERRY!!!

OK, we're playing hard guy are we? Right then......oh hang on....postman is at the door.....'s a funny story fact you really wouldn't believe it......the postmen has just brought me a parcel.

On the front of the envelope is some writing which says, "Sorry about the delay, got lost at the sorting office".
I've just opened it....and you'll never believe do i say this....ummm....this was inside.....
It would appear that Maddy sent it a while back and it got lost in our wonderful postal system!
I am so sorry Calvin Mouse! I should have known you wouldn't have helped out in such a terrible crime when you have such an honest and lovable name as you do. I feel really bad,i really do.
Tell you what, so there are no hard feelings, I'll do this for you. Firstly I'll give Maddy my brand new bottle of blending solution to get you cleaned up. Secondly, it's really bad weather up here and i need to get back to collect my girls from school tomorrow. If i stay, the snow will not let me travel, so as a gesture of friendship, from one man to can have my Grease night ticket so you can go with Maddy!!!
Oh yes my groovy little rodent friend.....yourself......and the leather jacket and medallion WILL GO TO THE BALL!!!
Sound good? Aha i can see that smile under that ink off you go, and let me know how you get on OK. I'll keep an eye on Maddy's blog for the update.
Sorry again Calvin Mouse, i will go forth into my craft room and ink myself as punishment!


crafty creations said...


Your simply brilliant and so lighten my day

x Hilda

deb said...

Oh you did make me chuckle today!

Sarah C said...

:rofl: Calvin, fancy not believing the mouse. We did try and tell you :lol: Fancy getting your Sugar Nellie at last. Go and take your punishment like the sorry man you should be :rofl: xxx

maddy hill said...

yeh too right Calvin !!!!
i cant believe you did that to my mouse !
I have blogged the pics from last night .... as you can see it NEARLY made up for the fact he was traumatised by you ... i said nearly!

Nicki said...

Hello Calvin (Mouse)

You are such a poor wee thing aren't you!

Would you maybe like to come an live at my house instead? I can offer you a lake view and a safe corner in my generally fairly tidy and certainly alcohol-ink-free craft room - and my big black labrador is terrified of cats so I am sure a little mouse won't be of any interest to her either.

What do you say?

I'll be in the UK over the weekend and could easily come and liberate you :-)

Hope to hear from you soon so we can hatch your escape plan ....

lots of love

♥ Lydia ♥ said...

Gulp!! Calvin how could you???!!! *.*
I told you you'll be in big trouble!!
Maybe if you made Calvin Mouse a nice little house to live in, Maddy might forgive you!! ^.^

Trine Blix said...

Luckily you used alcohol ink - I bet Calvin Mouse got so drunk during the interrigation that he won't remember a thing ;)

Apart from a bad hangover, he'll be up and running (with scissors?) on no time. Slip him a giant piece of cheese and he'll be as happy as a mouse can be!

Rachel said...

Well we had fun with Calvin last night Calvin - it was so generous of you to let him have your ticket when you got called away ...............

You really should have believed him re the Sugar Nellie stamp!!!

More incriminating photos of him on my blog! :-)

ps - You were missed xx

Liverpool Lou (Anne) said...

Uhoh Calv you're such a bad boy doing that to a poor defenseless mouse! I'm horrified. There is absolutely no excuse for that kind of behaviour. I just hope he won't be mentally scarred for life. And don't think a ticket to the Grease Night is proper recompense, you'll need to do a lot more grovelling!
Anne x

June said...

Enjoyed your blog again

Jennie said...

aaaaw, you didn't go to the ball? I see Calvin mouse has come to stay with you for a while then?
Hope you are now kind to him, since you tied him up!! LOL xxx

My craft space said...

Calvin how could you!!!! lucky for you he did have a good night with us.All this sarga is great Calvin do you know we could make a book about calvins antics

luv val xxxxxx

Nora said...

Poor lil Calvin Mouse...inking him when you should have inked the postal carrier instead! (ROFL) What a nice way to kick off my weekend - I desperately needed the giggle.

Glad you got your Sugar Nellie stamp - can't wait to see what you do with her!

artycrafty said...

OHHHHH poor poor Calvin Mouse!!!!

Inking is not a good thing for a mouse but as for you - you should be discusted at yourself!

Right No pressies for you this Christmas you have been a naughty boy!!!

Santas helper

Calv said...

I can't belive the rat gets the sympathy! :)

Ok fair enough, i was at fault...i'll admit it, but i still can't believe that all that stamp shannanigans could be going on without Calvin Mouse seeing a thing.

Anyway, at least he enjoyed his night out, and by the looks of it he drank more than i could manage lol.

Thank you everyone for stopping by my blog despite my absence. I've been at Maddy's, then have come home to spend some relaxing time with my girls and sort my life out. I'll get back on track with the blog in a couple of days when they go back to school.

Take care all. :)

Paula's ponderings said...

aww so poor old Calvinella didnt get to go to the ball after all?? I bet the handsome princette Calvin had a whale of a time with all those Princess Charmings though! Going to look at the pics on blogs when the boss has stoppped prowling cos I just KNOW Im gonna laugh...BIG TIME!

Paula's ponderings said...

By the way, if I could find one, Id give you a humble pie award!! LOL

Jami {sgtStamper} said...

Whew...saved by the postman. Lucky little mouse!!
hugs, Jami