Tuesday, 6 January 2009


Yes it's that time of year again when we all make those promises to ourselves......then break them two weeks later! :)

I'm not usually a big one for resolutions, but this year there was a need! So i thought I'd make myself a little resolution reminder board, something to hang up next to my bed so i see it every day.

A simple list, written on a journaling page and mounted on card. A few flowers dotted around for depth, and a guest appearance by some bits from my pot-pouri bowl, and there you have it! Oh, and some ribbon to hang it with.
I love the hemp cord, it has a real natural feel to it so i threaded some of that through some brads too.

I'm not a big fan of the large Hobbycraft stores here in the UK, as they are usually pretty overpriced, however me and Maddy went there during the Christmas holidays and got loads of these small flowers from the paper flower section, great for layouts.

As for the resolutions themselves, these are my main ones for this year. Firstly, my body seriously needs sorting out! I promised to do it last year, but somewhere that plan fell off a cliff, and what with the holidays and everything, lets just say i need to lose a bit of weight!

To "Write more", covers several areas really. Letters to loved ones and friends, little notes to my girls, and also a book that I've had in the making for the past few years. I enjoy writing, so why not do more of it?

"Raising my crafty bar", meaning raising the standard of my crafting. Instead of thinking that a project is finished, i want to say that it is at it's basic level, and see what i can add to it from there. Hopefully this will enable me to move forward in my crafting.
I thought about raising the standard of my crafting after what can only be called an "effort" with the Christmas fruit inking. All i can say is Santa is looking down on me and shaking his head in despair right now. I tried rescuing it with baubles and candy canes, but it ended up looking like someone had just decorated it with a shotgun!

Best we forget about that one eh? :)

Finaly, goal setting. Something i love the idea of, yet have rarely done it. Setting some realistic goals, writing them down and following through with them should hopefully ensure that 2009 is a little more productive than 2008!
So there are my resolutions. Now lets see how long they stay unbroken! :) Thanks for stopping by.


Liverpool Lou (Anne) said...

The list looks great:) I'm not a big one for resolutions myself, 'cos I never follow them through. Good luck with yours though.
Anne xx

alcoholinky said...

that's so pretty Calv and havent you got great writing! lucky you. I've given up making resolutions too - I know I'll not keep them LOL
Happy New Year and hope you do lots of creative things in 2009!

Anonymous said...

good luck with your resolutions...they seem to be very good (and obtainable)goals!

Sandra said...

A 'new Years Resolution board' What a great idea to keep you on track. Love your handwriting to.
Sandra xx

mamaluke said...

LOVE those paper roses!

Cazzy said...

I love the pinneapple Calv, agree about the overpricing - had problems spending my Christmas vouchers at first as it hurt to pay such prices, but I made myself spend a "bit" more than I had in vouchers in the end.

I like the calligraphy, wish I could do it.

Tami B. said...

Love your resolutions board. What a beautiful piece and how can you not follow through now that it's there to see every day. Beautiful work. Just can't think of anything to say about that pineapple, very tropical holiday.

Jami {sgtStamper} said...

Love your idea for the resolution board...and it's such a beautiful one at that!! Best of luck with your resolutions!
hugs, Jami

Kate said...

Thats the fanciest pineapple I have ever seen!!