Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Carry case for your Copics.

Just a quick post about my latest purchase, my carry cases for my Copic markers.

These are a great accessory to carry your pens in, the fold-up case is made from tough nylon and can house 24 pens inside.

What i love about these cases, is that they have an extra zipped pouch at the back. This means that if you are going on a journey, or to a crop, you can carry 24 of your fave colours plus some images to colour, all in one pouch.

Folded up the case measures 10 1/2 x 7 inches, so they are small enough to carry in your bag, but big enough to cary other pens that you may use for your crafting too.

They are only about £6 each, well worth it when you've just paid out a small fortune on the pens themselves. I got mine from here at Cult Pens, i got my pens here too.


crafty creations said...

Great case Calvin - where did you get it???

Calv said...

Hi, i got it from Cult Pens....actualy i'll put the link in the post.

Thanks. :)

Anonymous said...

great case!
Hmmm might try to sew one up myself. Not importing from US or UK at the moment the money conversion will not be worth it.... I'll post it up on my blog when I do.... I'm a shops worst nightmare. I go in look and make what I want instead of buying it! he he....

Anonymous said...

Very cool, I just ordered my very first set of copic markers and am very excited!

Thanks for sharing!