Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Made a card tonight.

I needed to do something crafty tonight whilst i still have any strength left in my arms. I have been very good and have been doing regular exercise since New Year, but my arms are almost falling off today as a result. :(

So tonight i made a card, no reason for it, mainly as a reminder to keep up with my resolution of writing to people more.

I'm not overly happy with this card to tell the truth, i think i need to give the flowers and lace a rest for a while, don't want to get that "same old" feel with makes.
That said, i did find this bit of lace by chance at a fair at a local community centre recently. An elderly lady was selling some lovely handmade lace items, and she had a bag of lace bits for sale.
So i bought this bit and thought i'd use it tonight.
Hope you are all well, thank you for visiting my blog. I am trying my best to get around all my followers blogs, so please don;t think i've abandoned you all, it just takes a while for an old man like me to get around the net lol. :)
Bye for now....


maddy hill said...

lol love the way you have "bent "her to sit on the swing !

i see your using MY stamp that i LET you have for a while ( remember it was only to borrow !) heheeeeee

Happy Crafter said...

Cannot understand why your not too happy with it, i love it just gorgeous it is and dont let your old eyes tell you any different lol
Val xxx

Calv said...

Very funny Maddy lol, i can't believe i just sent my new Willow with cookies up to you too!

Thanks Val, always nice to see you here and read your kind comments. Thank you. :)

Paula's ponderings said...

A gorgeous card Calv! Gosh I hope your arms dont drop off we'll have to have a whip round to get you some bionics! Isn't it nice to have someone to "share" your stamps with..LOL

Sarah C said...

Certainly is a gorgeous card Calvin. Great idea for getting her to have a sit down after all her adventures

Ellen said...

I like the way you made that swing
and such beautiful lace .
Now you leave that first aid box shut!.

there's something on my blog for you

Tonniece said...

Beautiful Calv. Like Maddy I too like how you have bent to sit on the swing. I think the lace and flowers are very pretty.

Jozza said...

I think it's great Calv! The lace looks fab and even better if it was a bargain.

You visited my blog a while back and made a really lovely comment. I'm sorry it's taken me so long to pop over and see you - I don't seem to manage time very well but you're bookmarked now. It's nice to see a male crafter and I love what your Maddy does too :o)

Rachel said...

Nice to see you crafting again Calv :-)

Sarah said...

Such a gorgeous card Calv! I love the swing and the vintage feel of the card!

Juliet said...

Lovely vintage feel to this Calv - I would be VERY pleased with it if I were you. Maddy's so kind to lend you her stamp!
Juliet xx

Anonymous said...


how about grunging it up a bit and doing some male type stuff. ;)

lasona said...

I love reading and looking at your blog, your inspiration is amazing..God Bless

Jaqi said...

Its a lovely Card, Jaqi

Calv said...

Thank you for all your great comments, and thank you for the award Ellen. Much appreciated. :)