Friday, 3 June 2011

Look what i just bought!

I've been after this for ages, it's been sat in my local antique shop for a while and every time i've passed it i've stared at it like a kid staring at an ice cream! There are so many things i wanted it for, some crafty ideas. maybe some kind of storage, but most of all i envisaged it as a nice addition to my garden.

The lovely lady who owns the shop gave it too me with a big discount, which was much welcome as it was the price that had put me off getting it for ages.

I thought i might put it in part of the garden where it could be used either as a hanging basket for trailing plants, or maybe something for the birds. I love the way the top comes off so i can access it easily for sorting out or cleaning. I think this will look even more lovely when it's weathered a bit.

What do you think?



Nicks said...

OMG Calv - its gorgeous!!

♪♫♥ Charity Crafter ♪♫♥ said...

I think it is beautiful! Would love to see what you do with it x Leigh x

Julie said...

Ooooo Calvin it's absolutely stunning. Is it wood or metal? If metal I can envisage a few different height candles in for a romantic eve for you, Maddy, Rotty and Calvin !

Karen@CCC said...

It's gorgeous Calvin, I'm not surprised you wanted it. Is it wood or metal? If wood then make sure it is properly treated or it wont last long - but what I am doing teaching grandma to suck eggs! You are the DIY king! :-)


Bitter_Angel said...

It is lovely. I have been after one of these for ages. I saw someone in blog land, make one into a table, using the cage as a centre support post and then decorating the top as a centre piece on top of the table. It looked wonderful.
Good find

tee said...

I am in Awe!!!!!!!! I love this! I often look at the "Old" cages when going by antique shops and old wire dress forms also!! Please let us know what you do with this!