Wednesday, 8 June 2011

My bees are hatching!

As most of you have already read here on my blog, i've been playing host to some solitary bees for the winter, they moved in, made cocoons.....they were even on time with the rent!

Well today i went out and saw that some have hatched and tunneled out of thier nests....

How cool is that?!!! There are about 4 0r 5 in each hole, i'm not sure if they've all emerged yet, i won't disturb them though to look.

So tonight i'll raise a cuppa to them and wish them all the best on thier new journey. It's nice knowing i did my little bit to keep a few more bees around.

I took a video too, a bried one of one of the babies emerging after hatching....heres a link to the Youtube video...

Thanks for looking.....i promise the next post will be about crafting. :)



Lee said...

Awwww Congratulations you're a bee daddy.Hope they will bee very happy in their new home.x

Calv said...

lol thanks Lee, i'm sure they will. Thanks for popping in. :)

Lesley said...

Just watched the video. It was so cool. Hope you have lots more bee babies :o)