Saturday, 23 January 2010

A recycled mirror, fit for two princesses.

Yes that's my hand getting in on the action! :)

Here is a really quick project i did for my girls bedroom, took just one night of drying paint, and a few minutes of adding some pretty bits to jazz it up....oh and of course a saying fit for the moment....
This is actually the second time this mirror has been recycled. First time, a few years ago, Maddy's daughter, Sophia rescued this cane mirror from the local rubbish dump. It was bare and battered so she gave it a makeover with cans of spray paint and then covered it in fairy lights and paper ball lampshades. She gave it to my girls, who loved it had it in their room for a few years.
However, like most stuff in a kids bedroom, it had seen better days, so recently i sanded it down to the cane again, stuck a coat or primer on it then a couple of coats of white matt emulsion paint on it. I just love how the cane looks now it's painted, simple, yet effective.
Add a few blooms and ribbon here and there for extra femininity, and hey presto....
Probably the quickest thing I've altered ever, not much too it really, but it will see them through a another couple of years of doing their hair and slapping on make up!
Thanks for looking. :)


sandra said...

This mirror is so beautiful now!
I'm shore that the girls will be happy having this beauty in the room.

Prefect work!

Nigel said...

Nice work, I'm sure they'll love it.

maddy hill said...

it certainly spuced up a worn out mirror calvin! love the little lace bows !
maddy x

Nora said...

VERY shabby princess! Me likes!

stephanne said...

Oh wow!!! This is terrific, I love the whitewashed effect with elegant vintage touches, fabulous!!

tracy said...

oh i so regret giving my mirror away, very similar but arched at the top.
guess this is another addition for my to look out for list when i get round tothe chariety shops,
i love it