Tuesday, 19 January 2010

And a couple more....

Wow this is addictive!!!

Once i sorted out the right needles and adjusted the width slightly, i did two more scarves yesterday, so now the girls have a couple to choose from.

I have started one with different colours, it looks better than on screen, it would make a nice mans scarf maybe.

Maddy says she has become a knitting widow, she says i came up here to help her through the cold snap we've had here in the UK, but instead ive just knitted lol. I'm sure it's not like that at all, and it's not like Maddy hasn't been sat right next to me knitting away like a mad woman as well!

I think i'll have a look around the net tonight to see what other nice wool there is, i'd like to knit the girls another scarf but with something a bit more special, funkier even. Any recommendations most welcome.

Bye for now. :)


K said...

How about "eyelash" wool or something similarly fluffy?
Makes scarfs lovely and soft, and very funky :)

Calv said...

Thanks for that K, i've never heard of that. I'll go and do a search for it.


Cazzy said...

Knitting is good in a cold snap, I hope you made Maddy a scarf.
I have a scarf made from eyelash yarn and it is not warm though it looks good, yours look warmer.

Cazzy x

Paula said...

Hi Calv, check out, I was recommended them by one of my new stitch and bitch friends. Their clearance section is awesome and they have some really pretty yarns in there. I've just joined Ravelry as well

Nora said...

Just look at you! Expanding your crafting capabilities - well done! Out of all the crafting skills I've accumulated over the years, I never did learn to knit or crochet. I really like those colors - I've always been a blue n brown girl - I think it would be nice for a man or woman. And you're very lucky to be able to play with wool - if I had a go, my hands would be blistered, sore, & peeling....YUCK!
Thanks for sharing with us!