Thursday, 5 November 2009

Hi all....long time no see.

Hi everyone :)

I thought it was about time i popped my head in to say hi. Apologies to anyone who has come to the blog recently and found it inactive, i've had a break for a while due to lots going on. Much needed, and much enjoyed.
Plus i have no craft room at the moment!!! Shock horror at the thought of it!!! Actualy it's not so bad, i've had a move around in my house, giving my girls my double bedroom and i've taken their little room. Unfortunately the double bedroom doubled as a craft room, so i have to relocate my crafty things somewhat. It gives me an excuse to get rid of a lot of craft clutter though so it's not a bad thing.
So over the past few months i've done very little craftywise. The only thing i've made for the girls...and half their school friends it seems, is these paracord bracelets.

Very simple to make, they are made from paracord, a cord very popular with the military for all kinds of uses. It's amazingly strong, and when knotted into bracelets like this they are a handy way of having a spare few feet of cord on you. They are used for fashion, but also more practicaly by the military and survival types for emergency cord carrying. Soldiers sometimes make them for their mates as a bit of a tradition kind of thing before going on a tour.
Attatched to a curved plastic buckle, they are great for kids and adults alike., especially the adventures or cub scouts out there. There are tutorials online all over the place, but the best one i've come across is thie guy....Stormdrane's Blog He makes some amazing stuff from paracord, well worth a look.
The tutorial for this bracelet is also from Stormdranes Blog, but is here on Instructables too.

Not the most crafty thing to show, but like i said, thats all i've done craftywise for a while.

I'll get back into the blogging soon, i just wanted to pop my head in to say hello. I hope everyone is keeping well and crafting hard, and i look forward to catching up with you all soon.
Maddy says hi and sends her love too, she is not on the internet at present and is dealing with family stuff too, so hasn't been around either. Don't worry though, we have great plans for the future and they look like they could be happening sooner than expected. :)
Take care all,


sandra said...

I have been missing yours and Maddy's
Can't wait to see what you are up to next!!!
This bracelets are great!
Say Hi to Maddy!

Gez said...

Hi Calv...nice to see you popping your head round the door. :-D Fab bracelets...I've got 2 here who would love one...thanks for the link.

Good Luck for your plans. Sending Maddy hugs.

Nigel said...

Well, well, well - look what the cat's dragged in :D

Good to see you back again, try not to go AWOL again.

Nice bracelets. I've not made them with para-cord before, but I have a couple of them made from waxed cord round my wrist as I type. Guess it's a small world after all.

Hi to Maddy too.

Liverpool Lou (Anne) said...

Nice to see you back Calv ;) The bracelets are very crafty as far as I'm concerned and fantastic too - would go down a treat with my grandson so better check out how to make them; think my son would like one too come to think of it!
Anne xx

Hels said...

Missed you and Maddy...big hugs for you both xx

joanne wardle said...

these are awesome!!! I can feel myself going over to ebay for paracord and buckles. I think my son would love these (he's in the scouts!!)

joanne wardle said...

question: what size are the buckles, 10mm or 25mm? they seem to be the only ones available.

Jane Wetzel said...

goodness..glad to see u guys havent fallen off that side of the earth...lolol..looking forward to the both of u!! :)

Yizz said...

Sooooo very glad you are back and that you are both relatively well. I have missed both of you heaps (as well as wondering what Kelvin and Rotty have been up to. Great tut for the bracelets!

♥ Lydia ♥ said...

Hello stranger!!! Good to see you back...and you brought a whole heap of fabby memories with you too!!! We used to make these bracelets (many) years ago when I was in the St John's Ambulance! We used to make them from string when we were at summer camp and swap them amongst us all! Ours were made so that you actually used to tie them onto your wrist, and there they stayed!!! Yours are a much better idea!! :) Brilliant!!
Take care...and please say Hi to Maddy xx

camcraft said...

Lovely to see you posting and hearing your OK :-) Sounds as if your girls are just fine also How lucky they are to have a dad like you :-)
Glad to hear Maddy is OK too :-)

Love the paracords - amazing stuff indeed!

Hazel said...

It's so good to see you, Calv - I've missed you both. Thanks for showing the bracelets. Love to you both and looking forwrd to hearing more about your plans - sounds exciting xx

Jennie said...

oh so gooood to see you back, and am missing you :) Plans???????? lol go on tell us
Big hug to you and Maddy

alcoholinky said...

yay - have popped in and out to see where you were. glad all is well. good to see you back Calv.

Calv said...

Nice to see everyone again. :)

Glad you like the bracelets, they even do pink paracord! I get the buckles from The Bushcraft Store on ebay, £3.50 for 5 contoured fastex buckles. The buckles are curved so they fit your wrist better.

I've sent all your hugs to Maddy, brought a smile to her face so thanks for that. :)

Back soon... :)

Tami B. said...

Great to see you around Calv. The bracelets are wonderful. Happy to see you're still creating, no matter what the medium. Happy holiday season to you and yours.

スタービーチ said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Sheena said...


Thank you for sharing your blog with us through this year.
I wish you a very merry christmas and the happiest of new years, and I look forward to catching up on your blog through 2010.


Sheena xx

Lisa aka Allissa said...

Hi Calv...Im new to your blog. I popped over from the lovely maddy. I have to smile and thanks for making me so. Fabby Blog. I have become a follower coz i love your creations, inked veggies plus your totally gorgeous cards.

Lisa x

Calv said...

Thank you ever so much for all of your comments, it's great to see old faces again, and of course lovely to see new faces too so welcome to my blog. :)

With Christmas and New Year almost done, and with Maddy having what seems to be a crafty rocket up her backside, i think i'd better come out from hiding and sort my crafty life out!

Good news is that i've kind of sorted enough space out to craft now, so you should be seeing my messes again soon. :)

Word has it a certain rat has been away to see his family this Christmas, so he has prezzies to unwrap when he gets back. :)

Rotty Rat said...

Ah, look what the cat dragged in!!! Seeing as it's Christmas and all that Boss, i'd just like to say, "WHERE THE FLIPPIN HECK HAVE YOU BEEN!!!?"

We need to have some serious words mister!!!

Actualy, forget it...needs must when a rat is neglected like this..don't say you weren't warned!


Calv said...

My my Rotty, what a festive greeting that was! Sorry i've not been around much, had a few things on.

Don't go and do anything silly now Rotty, i'm looking forward to getting back into my crafting and can't be doing with distractions from your capers...ok?

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