Thursday, 26 May 2011

12 x 12 storage and magazine rack.

Hi all, really quick post to show the easiest 12 x 12 project there is.....a wooden pallet rack that can take 12 x 12's and magazines, or indeed anything you crafty lot hoard these days. (Yes i know what a craft room gets like!).

So we have our humble wooden pallet....doesn't matter if some of it is beat up like this one, you're only using an end of it...

Cut off an end that is two slats thick, you can do three if you want but it's a little too deep to get the paper out....

Either leave it like that and give it a sand, or give it a little wavy effect with a jigsaw, i also carved a few notches around the edge and used a hole saw too as i like the way the colours show through from the papers and i say though, give it all a sand otherwise you WILL get splinters off of these rough pallets...

Once thats done, give it a lick of paint, and hey quick and easy storage idea...

I fogot to say, i have'nt done it here, but don't forget to put some sort of base on the bottom, otherwise your papers will fall through....i didn't bother here as i wanted to blog it quick.

Of course you can fancy this up as much as you want, stamp on it, paint on it, do whatever you want. If it's too rough a project too have in your craft room, maybe use it in the garden or shed.

Just an idea.

Hope it gives you some ideas.....take care,



Janette said...

This is a fab idea and thanks for sharing it, must go and speak to my long suffering SIL.xx

maddy hill said...

you are a clever un - does this mean i get an organised craft room then hun ? rofl x

Calv said...

Thanks Janette, nice to see you here :)

Maddy...just to let you know, your craft room will NEVER be organised, no matter what i do to it! xxx

Yvonne said...

How amazing is this .. ooo now where does the OH put all his Junk!!! Thanks so much for this.. it's a brilliant idea!

laoi gaul~williams said...

*waves* hello!

so you blog too~i nearly fell of the sofa when i saw your comment over at mine!
how funny grown up in the same village, went to same school, neighbours for three years and you blog :D

your work is fantastic and you have given me an idea for 'Pretty Pagan' here...if you look in the back of her you will see a little make-shift shelf...was going to have the same the opposite side but the magazine rack idea looks so much better!!!

see you over the fence

Calv said...

Hi Yvonne, i wish i had enough storage for all mu junk, i'm a bit of a hoarder but i'm getting better. :)

Hi Lea (is that spelt right), i should know really, it's not as though you live a million miles away lol. Know that would be an excellent project for Kieth to do next, a book rack for all your books.

It is funny how you can live so close to someone and have so much to learn about them. All you'll find out on this blog is that i usualy mess things up, but once in a while something nice emerges from the ashes...and sometimes it really can be ashes lol.

I don't have a fire extinguisher in my craft room for nothing!!!

Take care, see you over the fence. :)


Hilary said...

OMG, I have an old crappy pallet......was going to use it for firewood. What a great idea!!!!

Sara said...

Hi I`ve just discovered your blog and I`m glad I did, what a talented guy you are, your projects are fab and I`ve loved reading about Rotty`s adventures ! It`s great to see some men here in blog land with projects that are different,keep up the great work, :)