Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Finally made a blanket!

Hi all, hope you are all doing well....just wanted to show off my newly learnt craft and first finished item.....a crocheted blanket.

It's only a small lap blanket for Maddy's dogs, but i used it to learn on and make my mistakes. It's a bit wonky here and there but nothing that notices when you use it.

Really enjoyed this, prefer crochet a lot more that knitting, lot less stressfull, so hopefully it will be the first of many.

Big thanks to Maddy as usual who taught me the basics, as usualy i almost made her tear her hair out whilst i tried to learn....but that's what blokes are for eh? :)

Made use of my new pen case too.....makes a great holder for my hooks and stuff. Bit more masculine than the flowery Kath Kidston types too :)

 Take care everyone, hope you are all well and crafting......keep smiling.