Thursday, 17 October 2013

Anyone here?

A big hi to all my friends in blog land, yes i finally dusted down the cobwebs from the blog door and jemmied it back open....long time overdue by the looks of it. I do tend to get lost from time to time in blog land and real life, but i always end up coming back at some point.

All is well here in the land of Calv, the kids are happy, Maddy's happy......can't ask for more than that really. Since losing my craft room to the girls, crafting took a back seat for a while. Music took over and is definitely here to stay, but the crafty pull is tugging again so i will be popping in more often to catch up on things. Whether it be outdoors, or in a small part of the house, i need to get that crafty space back again.

I hope you are all keeping well out there, i'll be getting round all of your great blogs in the next few days so if you hear a knock on the door and it's a strange will just be me. :)

I haven't seen Rotty for quite a while, i know he is still happy in his new house that i made him, but you know what Rotty is like, it's like having another kid,....when all is quiet they are usually up to something! We'll have to see later on......

Good to see you all again......keep smiling, a few things to be getting on with....