Saturday, 3 April 2010

A double suprise for the absent Rotty!

Trust Rotty to do a dissapearing act just when he gets some goodies through the letterbox!
Yes bloggers whilst Rotty is off on his travels to lands unknown, i had two fantastic presents arrive today. First was a huge box of Easter eggs from Maddy's daughter Sophia. Now Sophia never does anything by half, so i had a wonderfull suprise when i opened the box to find an egg for me AND Rotty!!!
I have to say my half didn't last long, well i had to make sure it didn't know how it is? Do not panic though, i have kept Rotty's half for whenever he decides to return from his travels. A big thank you to Sophia for the eggs, we all loved opening them and of course, making them dissapear! :)
Meanwhile over at the house build, i spent the afternoon making him a couple of beds for his room, one for him, and one for any friends he has sleeping over....they are a bit covered in glue and still need a little fancying up, but you get the idea...
The only thing i have to sort out for him is bed linen. Being a hardened rat from the rough end of the sewer, he wouldn't be seen dead in the kind of girly stuff Calvin Mouse sleeps in (pink satin nightie, hair curlers etc), so i wondered what i could get for Rotty? I needed something that showed off his tough exterior, coupled with his love of adventure and travel?
Now i did say i had a couple of suprises through the post today, my good friend Nicki from Switzerland who is an absoloute diamond with a needle and thread, send a little gift for Rotty...
How cool is THAT!!! A gift just doesn't get more fitting than that! Two sets of miniature duvets and matching pillows. Camofladge one side, and a gorgeous map of the world fabric on the other.
I made the beds to fit the duvets...i can just see Rotty and a mate snuggled up under these with thier torches, planning their next mission against Calvin "big girls blouse" Mouse!
So the biggest thank you going out to Nicki in far off Switzerland for these, you are total star and i know that when Rotty gets his furry little backside back here, he will fall in love with them for sure!
Have a great Easter everyone, eat lots of chocloate and don't forget to tell Rotty he has some here if you see him.....where on earth can he have gotten to?


Viv said...

How cool is that! Only problem is Rotty isn't there to appreciate his wonderful new beds! You sent out a search party yet?!!!

Calv said...

No need Viv...go check out Maddy's blog....he's playing the victim at Calvin Mouse's house!

Hels Sheridan said...

Happy Easter and Maddy make me LOL with your rodent escapades...fab little duvets and those beds are should make dolls house could make a fortune! :O))

Stressed Stamper said...

Fab - yours and Maddys blogs always make me smile - great team effort!
Happy Easter to you both

Allison said...

hehehe,what wonderful duvets, and if Rotty doesn't turn up for his chocolate then all the more for you

fairyrocks said...

Came here by chance, Your little beds made me smile.
Thanks for sharing!!


sorry to be a ermm crafty party ermm killer BUUT....errm as much as i ermmm like niikki she nicked my sewing needle and ermm fabric, and i made calvins bedding... mine is better then hers hehehe haha :P xxxxxx LOV YA EVERYONE!!!!

Liverpool Lou (Anne) said...

Fabulous beds Calv ;) and fabulous dubets and pillows :)
Anne x