Sunday, 6 March 2011

My first ever painting.

Hi everyone, tonight is a first for me, i painted a picture for the first time in my life, and it actualy looks half decent!
For those who don't know me, whilst i can usualy knock up an ok looking craft project, when it comes to painting, i have always been useless. In fact, if i may quote the famous Blackadder for a second, when it comes to painting "I have all the artistic talent of a cluster of colourblind a bag!". I have never been any good with paint, so have avoided it any every oppurtunity.
Enter Maddy....yes Maddy spent the evening with me and my kids, showing us how to paint with acrylics on canvas. This is particulary funny because Maddy has never painted before either, so she made it up as she went along. The results were very pleasing for a first effort and it has certainly given me the enthusiasm to do some more. They were not copied from any picture or anything, just made up as we went along.
So the above painting is is my youngest daughters....she's 12 years old....enjoys art but is very self critical and like i say, has not painted like this before. If you are wondering what the "tyre tracks" are doing leading into the lake, i have no idea......they were intentional, she has a strange sense of imagination...
Below is my 13 year old daughters first painting....she has never really been one for art, thinks she is rubbish at it and steers clear of art if she can. We always encourage her and with perserveranace she can accomplish bits she is proud of...takes some doing she is chuffed to bits with this.

I am so proud of the kids paintings, they've done a few paintings at school before, but they were typical kids stuff. This is thier first try at something a bit harder.
Not bad first attempts considering all we used was some paintbrushes that i had in my shed which i use for painting my skirting boards with!
A big thank you again to Maddy for being patient enough to get us through these paintings, lets just say it was a bit challenging at times.
Hope you like them. :)


Sharon said...

Wow, what a very talented family you are! All those paintings are gorgeous.

kristie said...

wow you are all so talented! those are awesome!

Scrapper Maya said...

Hey this is inspiring! :) Each painting is unique. I will try to paint someday :)

Silky Chicken said...

Hey they're fab Calv, well done. I can't paint or draw for toffee!

Jennie said...

These are brilliant! :))

Dawny P said...

Calv these are all great. They will look fab on your wall. You obviously have that drawing thing in you cos you did a great job. I can craft but I cannot draw to save my life. My mum could though - she was awesome. And yes, bless Maddy - she is one in a million for sure :) Have a great weekend.

Anonymous said...

WOW! I love them all, the detail on the foreground tree in yours, the tyre tracks in one and the oval frame effect in the other - all fabulous. Can you send Maddy to help me?!

Debbie/kingdom kid Trimcraft

Gunn-Hege said...

OMG!!!! You are SO clever, all of you!!!!

Anonymous said...

Your painting is really good! No way that's your first attempt! =)

Naomi (Sugar Brown) said...

Thats is really good work for a first try. I wont even paint walls, I'm so bad at it. Well done to all four of you

Lee said...

Oh WOW.They are all brilliant and i really mean that.x

tracy said...

what a clever bunch you are, every one is great in its own way but i have to say your 12 year olds is my fav, the tyre tracks dont look like tyre tracks at all it looks natraul, they will all look great grouped on one wall. have to ask wheres maddys painting lol
well done all on your first paintings, keep it up girls you have a hidden talent
lol tracy xxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Calv, three lovely paintings xx