Friday, 4 February 2011

A letter from the police!

Hi everyone.....this is quite an embarrassing day for me......i've had a letter from the police!
It would appear that a certain little man....or should i say rat.....has finaly got his comeuppance after being caught with stolen cupcakes. Guilty as charged it seems.....i'll let you read the letter on the image if you want it bigger.....

I can't believe it! Oh well, i'll have to get the place ready for him i guess, i'm sure he'll be glad to get back home, he's been away for quite a while if you remember.
Who knows, i may even have a big surprise waiting for him when he gets back...not that the sack of mischief deserves it!
Thanks for stopping by, stay tuned for Rotty's return....and a much awaited present. :)


Daisychain said...

Oh! Poor Rotty! He was obviously driven to it! It would be lovely to see him back home where he belongs as I have really missed his antics. Calvin, I hope you have a wonderful house for him to move into so he will want to stay. Can't wait for his return. Hugs to both of you, Christine x

Calv said...

Hi Christine :)

Yes i'm sure he'll be more than a little pleased with what i've made him. I must admit, i've kind of missed him too. Maddy and i think of him and Calvin as one of the kids....yes we are that sad. :)

SusanBluerobot said...

so happy that you have chosen to have him back at your house look forward to hearing from him himself

Viv said...

Yay! Ratty's coming back! Can't wait to hear what he's been up to, the naughty boy!

Calv said...

Oh don't worry Susan, i'm sure we'll be hearing no end of what he's been up to. :)

Hi Viv, i wonder if we even want to know what the naughty boy has been up to. Shame i haven't got a naughty corner like Maddy has...he's certainly made use of that enough times lol.

Good to see you both. :)

rozzy said...

naughty Rotty. I wondered where my cupcakes went!! :0 lol xx (((hugs))) xx

Calv said...

Wouldn't surprise me if he'd pinched yours too Rozzy, to think he started working for me as a bodyguard for my craft stash, he is supposed to guard it with his life from his arch enemy Calvin Mouse.

Wait till he gets home!

sandra said...

I can see that he will have some explaining to do!lol.
However I'm glad that he is on his way home!
Just hope you have managed to finish his house while he was gone!
Can't wait to see his little ratty face!
Take care of him!

Calv said...

Hi Sandra, good to see you :)

Yeah he'll be look after ok, not before he's had a right roasting off of me. Naughty boy!