Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Happy New Year!

Hi all :)

Just a quick blog to wish everyone a very Happy New Year, i hope you all had a merry and safe christmas and a good New Year?

Well i've set a couple of resoloutions, pretty much the same as last year but i need to stick to them this year though. :) This year i want to progress with my guitar playing so thats something i will be working on. I'll be starting my own music blog too...don't worry, i won't hurt your ears, it's more a record of my progression.

On the crafty side, i need to reassess my crafty area, as i've had to give my old one up for the kids. I'm sure with a little organizing i can sort something out.

So to all my friends and followers around the world, i wish you all the best to you and your families, have a great 2012 and i promise to be a bit more active than i have recently.

Lastly, i was saying to some friends the other day about how time goes by so are my two young daughters doing their first music videos on YouTube. They have been learning the guitar for a couple of months only seems like yesterday that they were running around the forest looking for fairies!!!

Here is my eldest singing and playing guitar...

Heres my youngest playing guitar....she's only been learning a month...

Not bad for beginners eh? They've got a few more videos if you want to hear them, just click on the button above the screen where it says how many vids they've got.

Take care,