Thursday, 28 May 2009

I got an award!

It's always nice to hear someone say nice things about your work, so i want to say a big thank you to Sandra over at "Pink Sandra" who gave me this award.

As is the tradition of awards, i have to pass it on, so here's a few great blogs i would like give a shout out to....

1. Hannah and Zoe over at Crafty Monkeys. I think it is so cool that not only kids are taking part in crafts these days, but are encouraging others to join in too. Well done girls, you are an inspiration to us grown ups! :)

2. Chris over at Blin-kin-eck. Chris is such a talented lady who makes all sorts on her blog. Her recent jewellery makes are nothing less than stunning!

3. Debbie over at Arty Crafty. As well as always making me laugh, Debbie is a dedicated Fiskateer who always has lots of different projects to show on her blog, with lots of tutorials and new things to look at.

So a big thank you again to Sandra for the award, and thanks to those I've given it to for making me smile on my journey through blogland. :)

Now to find a vegetable!


Chris said...

Awww thanks are a sweetie :)
Chris xx

p.s. just noticed your weight loss ticker... good luck with that. I'm trying to lose weight too but took the ticker off me blog cos I kept cheating and eating chocolate!!
So naughty and its so hard to get back into eating sensibly so I will be rooting for you :)

Gez said...

Well Done Calvin. Very well deserved. Your blog is full of inspiration.

Good luck with the weight loss. Gez. :-)

Sarah C said...

Not surprised you've been given this. Your blog is fantastic xx

Naomi (Sugar Brown) said...

Congrats Calv. I awlays like checking in to see what you and Rotty have been up to.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much Calv. It is an Honour. I'll pass on the award when I have a chance. You are a gem!

heaps of video tutorials coming up soon!